Ghatasthapana: First Day of Vijaya Dashami

26, Sep 2022 |

Jamara, believed to be cherished by Goddess Durga, is planted today by Hindus across the nation.

Ghatasthapana epitomised the commencement of Vijaya Dashami. Ghatasthapana is believed to be an invocation of Goddess Shakti, and performing it at the wrong juncture, as our Scriptures warn, could provoke the goddess' anger. 

Ghatasthapana is forbidden during new moon days and at night. The Gregorian calendar varies the exact day each year, but it usually occurs in late September or early October. The "no moon" night of the Hindu month of Ashvin heralds the commencement of the Dashain period, which extends till the full moon of the same month.

Ghata translates to "pot or vessel," and sthapana means "to establish," thus the literal meaning of the word combined together represents, "to set up a pot." Ghatasthapana is also referred to as Kalasthapana and Kasal.

Hindu people prepare for Ghatasthapana on this day by cleaning their homes early in the morning. The Kalash, a holy water container that symbolises Goddess Durga, is placed in the prayer (or "pooja") room on this day. Either clay or metal is used to craft the pot. 

The Kalash is decked with seeds and smeared with cow dung, which is then filled with holy water. On this day, the Hindu deity Ganesh is also worshipped, and before saying prayers, a kalasha (vessel filled with holy water) and diyo (an oil-fueled light) are placed at an altar set aside for the ritual. Prayers are offered to the goddess of might, Durga Bhavani.

Nationwide, Hindus plant seeds for Jamara in their homes and temples. In Hindu mythology, the goddess Durga is believed to cherish Jamara. It is offered as a sign of her blessings. 

Additionally, Jamara is a significant therapeutic herb attributed to ancient Ayurveda. Jamara juice's popularity as a health tonic appears to have recently skyrocketed. Barley seeds, sand, and water are mixed to grow Jamara. Sand can be placed in a tray, albeit this is not mandatory; as long as the sand is placed carefully, jamara can be grown on any surface.

Commencing on the day of Ghatasthapana, a lot of devotees throng the various temples around the nation, most prominently the Devi temples.

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