Get a piece of New York at New York Style Pizza

They serve the best American flavoured food with Nepali touches at their restaurant

5, Jan 2023 |

Who doesn’t like pizzas?! New York Style Pizza offers pizzas that aren't just good. They are finger-licking good.

A wonderful pizza station,New York Style Pizza, has been serving the best New York themed pizzas at Bakhundole Height, Jhamsikhel, for almost a year. The quaint one storey restaurant allows you to customise the menu with the toppings and sauces upon your request.

Despite serving pizzas with American flavours, the restaurant also promotes Nepali culture. They have traditional Nepali seatee, stools made up of straw, and Himalayan bamboo tables on the ground floor. Modern furniture with elegant hardwood seats and a table can be seen on the first floor. The walls are decorated with chic artworks, which enhance the beauty of the space. The entrance has a statue of Lord Ganesh as a good luck charm and lends it a religious and cultural touch. They also have the revered Bhagwat Geeta on exhibit. The restaurant has a few regulations, including self service, paying before eating, and disposing of your own trash, like they do in fast food chains in New York

The restaurant’s key selling point are their sauces, which include special, secret ingredients. Seven distinct sauces that are available are New York Special Sauce, Original Marinara, Garlic Sauce, Pesto Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Alfredo Sauce and Hot Sauce. They prepare each sauce in-house using only organic ingredients.The food we tried there were as follows:


Fifth Avenue Chicken Lover

The Fifth Avenue Chicken Lover is one of their most popular pizzas. The pizza is freshly made with New York Special Sauce, shredded chicken, chicken sausages, chicken ham, chicken salami, and chicken pepperoni along with their special seasonings. The dough for the pizza here has been fermented for 12-24 hours. The Chicken Lover pizza lives up to its name and is a chicken lover’s heaven.

The pizza looks quite alluring because it is garnished with chicken items like pepperonis, hams, and shredded chicken. The aroma of the hot pizza is very difficult to miss. It has an incredible cheesy pull since it is stuffed with a lot of cheese. This pizza can be eaten with seasonings like the Tabasco sauce, chilli flakes, or olive oil. But, the initial bite can be enjoyed without any condiments to taste the wonderful pizza flavour alone. The pizza’s shredded chicken toppings adds moisture and flavour, and makes the pizza melt in your mouth. The pepperoni toppings and chunks of chicken items gives the pizza a meatier flavour. This pizza’s best selling point is its thin crust, for those who dislike thick crusts on pizzas.


Cheesy Garlic Bread

The Cheesy Garlic Bread is indeed cheesy, as its name itself suggests. It is really creamy and velvety, which wonderfully counterbalances the crisp edges. The garlic bread is made more enticing by the garnish of green spinach. The bread tastes even better because of the many herbs and their enigmatic spices. The bread includes chunks of garlic throughout and, according to its name, has a light garlic flavour. The confit flavour of the garlic bits helps to temper the intensity of the main garlic flavour. Any condiment can be used with it, but the Tabasco sauce is my personal favourite.


Grilled Chicken Wings

The chicken wings look crispy but are really soft and supple. It has luscious flesh with crunchy bones. It is the ideal combination of delicate and crunchy. For extra flavour, the chilli flakes can be added. It can be eaten with the Tabasco sauce for a savoury flavour. The Tabasco brings out the spiciness in the pizza.

The other pizzas on their menu are Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Jackson Heights, Time Square, Niagara Falls, Manhattan, Thousand Island Veggie Lover, Bryant Park Meat Lover, and Brooklyn Bridge Pork Lover, featuring major attractions of America.

Chery’s New York Style Pizza and Bakery Station will shortly release a new menu on the occasion of its one year of opening, and will provide spectacular promotions.

Don’t miss it! So, if you happen to be in Jhamsikhel, you know where to satiate your hunger.

Compiled By: Rebika Bishokarma

Photos By: Ayush Maharjan

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