Gajendra Malla: Moving Forward With A Comprehensive Approach

16, Oct 2022 |

"Authenticity in food will slowly disappear if we don’t pass on traditional cooking techniques to upcoming generations."

Gajendra Malla started his hospitality journey after graduating in hotel management from Bangalore University in 2015. As his first experience in the hospitality industry, Malla did an internship at the Malaysia Marriott Hotel. Currently, he is continuing his profession in the hospitality industry as the general manager of Village Café by SABAH Nepal, located in Jhamsikhel.

Malla's prime motive for teaming up at the NGO-based Village Café is the establishment's operational framework's support of local products and women empowerment. Firmly believing in women's empowerment, Village Café supports women socially and economically. The ingredients at the Village Café are sourced directly from trivial farmers, primarily from members of SABAH Nepal, in an attempt to create a more viable place in the marginalised communities for people to live, work, and raise families.

As the coordinator of the Gastronomy Tourism Association of Nepal, Malla has a comprehensive approach to promoting The Village Café in the national and international markets and is doing great at it. But even the best in the market faces hurdles.  “The two major problems I'm currently dealing with are the rising and escalating costs and hiring adequate employees,” he shares.

Fusion cuisine trends the culinary traditions of two or more countries to produce creative and occasionally highly unique dishes. Malla believes in offering superior quality in western and Asian fusion cuisine with the apt application of technology.

He says that The Village Café is an authentic Newari and Nepali restaurant. “It is not a fusion restaurant, but we offer it as a menu option now that it is a popular modern trend in the business.” Promptly identifying nutrition needs, The Village Café serves delicious cuisine with organic products.

Speaking about the challenging aspects of the hospitality industry in Nepal, Malla expresses that an unstable political situation, youth feeling insecure, political stability, and peacebuilding are among the key development concerns of today’s world. “Unstable politics not only create unemployment, but it also impacts the country's economy. The efficiency of human resources in hospitality is very low in Nepal, can’t able to retain one organisation for the long term.” 

He adds, “High staff turnover in any organisation impacts increasing hiring costs, decreasing productivity, and deteriorating products and services, directly affecting organisation revenue and profitability. The government should take the initiative through policy and strict monitoring to improve the quality of human capital in the industry with proper job security.”

Malla’s four A's for excellent hospitality experience:

1. Attraction 

2. Accessibility 

3. Accommodation

4. Activities

Compiled By: Sampada

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