Frango: A Chicken Lover’s Heaven

The signature dish of the restaurant is grilled Piri Piri, a mix of pepper, lemon and garlic

23, Feb 2023 |

Frango is where taste meets great hygiene. For chicken lovers, it serves love and magic in every bite.

Frango is an ideal place for chicken lovers, located in Bharat Plaza, Chabahil, Ganesthan, where you can find chicken-based food. With comfortable seating and light music in the background, it gives you great vibes as you enjoy your food. Not only is the ambience pleasant, but the food is also delicious. You will want to return just to eat the dishes again and again.

The restaurant is home to grilled Piri Piri, a mix of pepper, lemon and garlic. Piri Piri is a malagueta pepper cultivar of Capsicum frutescens. It was created by Portuguese explorers in Portugal’s former Southern African territories.

This fast food restaurant gives you quick service with welcoming and friendly staff. This restaurant also provides you with nutrition facts, where customers can see what they are eating and how many calories, fat, sugar, saturated fat, carbs, protein, and salt are in their food. This is an excellent method of displaying actual facts about the food that the customer consumes.

This fast-food restaurant’s primary goals are to deliver superb food and pristine hygiene. They believe that no one should play with the health of the customer, and as a result, they are one of the best restaurants that take care of hygiene.

The planning for the opening of the restaurant began more than three years ago, but, for various reasons, they were unable to do so. They are happy that the restaurant has finally opened and it is enjoying great success. They even had a month of training with all the staff, learning safety precautions like how to handle a fire, how to keep the area tidy, and, most importantly, how to keep the kitchen hygienic.

Additionally, they have a menu whose theme changes depending on the occasion and festival. On Valentine’s Day, the theme was red. But now it’s the Holi season, so the theme is colourful. They have seven different flavours from which you can choose. Plain, mango and lime, lemon and herb, salsa, mild, extra hot, and extreme hot are the flavours available here. Younger people generally prefer mild, extra hot, and extremely hot, while kids mostly prefer mango and lime.

Piri Piri Fries

French fries are becoming more upscale, especially when the fries are full of Piri Piri spices and seasonings. A lemon zest and oregano sauce adds contrast to the savoury Sysco French fries. Their Piri Piri fries are crunchy. They can be served as an appetiser, side dish, or bar snack.

Spicy Rice

If you enjoy having rice, then slimming-friendly spicy rice is perfect whether you are counting your calories or following a diet plan like a weight watcher. This spicy rice can be eaten with or without chicken. The taste of rice is so good that you can’t stop yourself from taking another spoonful.

Jalapeno Pitta

Chicken breasts are placed in a freshly toasted pitta with Piri Piri mayo and red onions to make a Jalapeno Pitta. Even on the first bite itself, the tender chicken’s juices ooze out. Depending on your preference, you can add cheese.


¼ Chicken

The four different chicken dishes can be found in the ¼ chicken dish. To spice up the dish even more, they offer mild and extra hot sauce. If you are dining with friends at Frango, this dish is perfect.

This mild chicken has a perfect sweet and tangy flavour that is ideal for those who do not enjoy spicy foods.



Original Wings Platter

The original wings platter contains chicken pieces with all of the flavours. Extreme hot, extra hot, mild, salsa, mango & lemon, and lemon and herb are all the options they offer. This is the platter to order if you want to try every flavour that the restaurant offers. Cucumber, onion, tomato, and lettuce are garnished on top of this dish.

As the restaurant is well-known for its meals, they also have a bar where they serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Mocktails such as Blue Angles, Frango Plamer, or Virgin Colada are some of the great choices. Drinks provide refreshment while also cooling the spicy flavour of the dishes.

Compiled By: Nikita Gautam

Photos By: Ayush Maharjan 

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