Five must try local food items of Nepal

Enhance your taste buds with these mouthwatering local food items

13, Oct 2022 |

A taste of Nepal in every bite


Ethnic vegetable of our country, Gundruk is basically fermented leaves of radish, cauliflower, mustard etc. Gundruk is by far one of the most popular, healthy and delicious foods in Nepal. You can either make curry with soyabean and potato or you can make mouth watering pickles out of it. It has a strong fermented taste and fermented foods around the world are in trend nowadays.


Sinki is a fermented radish taproot product. It is usually prepared during winter, when radish are in season. It is prepared in a pit fermentation in the Himalayas. It has a highly acidic flavour and is typically used as a base for soup and as pickles. It is known as a good appetiser which has an authentic taste of the Himalayas.


A fermented food item, Tama is loved by everyone! Young and tender shoots of bamboo are used to prepare this tangy item. Nothing can match the typical mesu flavour and taste of Tama. It is a very healthy product as it is recognised for its nutritional values and health aspects.


Sun dried vegetable balls, Maseura is a mixture of black gram paste with taro root, radish etc. We can mix these vegetable balls in curry to enhance the taste of curry. Nepali people love the gratifying taste of Maseura and it is widely popular among Nepali people.

Mula ko Chana

Mula ko Chana is simple yet very delicious and well known among Nepali people. It is sundried thin slices of radish. Nepali people usually prepare it in the winter season, when there is a large supply of radish. We simply dry it so that we can enjoy this vegetable throughout the year.

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