Feast like a Monster at Monster Meal

Are you sick of restaurants that offer tiny little quantities of food and call themselves classy? In this restaurant, all the dishes are super sized. If you are someone who gobbles down food like a monster, then you know the place!

19, Jan 2023 | nepaltraveller.com

Have a monster’s appetite before going to Monster Meal because they will not disappoint you at all with their larger-than-life food.

Do you want delicacies that would make you perspire? Do you wish to spice up your life a bit more? Monster Meal has a special menu packed with spices that will satiate your appetite for something hot and spicy.

A popular restaurant, Monster Meal, offers spicy and tasty fast food. They have three locations: their factory, an outlet on New Road and another one in Thamel. They have been serving fantastically large meals ,for the past three years.

The restaurant is located in a charming, small area in Thamel’s Satghumti. The place offers a really nice contemporary yet minimalist atmosphere. The restaurant has a pretty lovely dining area with modern sofas and chairs as well as Nepali handcrafted tables and chairs made up of Choya. They have kept their interior in excellent condition, with genuine plants and trendy lights and chandeliers. Their traditional Akhi Jhyal and Chakati demonstrate the Nepali culture and tradition creating a fusion between the traditional and modern. The café’s employees were likewise really friendly and welcoming. They were well-mannered, considerate, and very courteous.

We tried their most recent and well known combination, the Devil Hour. A Spicy Chicken Burger, Spicy Wings, and Mustang Aloo are included in the Devil Hour.

Spicy Chicken Burger

The spicy chicken burger is a super-sized burger that will satisfy your crazy desire with just one bite. It is a big burger loaded with a concoction of veggies and tender meat flavours. The burger was quite juicy.

The crunchy yet tender fried chicken breast coated in spicy sauce was the burger’s major component. The buns were really soft and moist. It seemed like I was eating a chunk of a cloud. The burger included fresh ingredients such as lettuce, tomato, handmade pickles and caramelised onion. Condiments like mayonnaise and ketchup added moisture to the burger. The burger was not just hot and spicy but also wonderfully cheesy and creamy. It is accompanied with crunchy fries and a spicy hot sauce.

Spicy Wings

One of the restaurant’s most well-known and popular dishes is their spicy wings. After being washed, the chicken wings are battered with a mixture of seasonings. The result was extremely soft and flavorful wings, from inside out. The chicken wings are fried till crisp and then tossed in the spicy deliciousness, which makes them fiery and appealing.

The initial bite of chicken was tangy and mildly hot, but the spiciness gradually kicked in, and the aftertaste was very fiery, reminiscent of a monster’s breathing fire. The chicken was soft and juicy, with just the right amount of crisp on the outside. The spicy chicken wings are great for someone who ardently craves spicy food all the time.

We can set the spice level manually in the spicy wings. It goes from level 1 to level 5, with level 1 being the least hot and level 5 being the most spicy.

Mustang Aloo

Mustang Aloo is wonderful, crispy fried potato wedges flavoured with the best spices from Mustang.

Every wedge of potato had the same firmness and texture, as well as the same quantity of delicious goodness. It was incredibly creamy on the inside and quite appealing on the outside. Mustang Aloo is a dish that gives you an excellent taste of Mustang even in a nook of Thamel.

It is a must try dish for everyone who enjoys fries with a hint of spice in them.

We also tried Kiwi Crush. It was very refreshing with a wonderful and fresh taste of Kiwi. The drink was alluring by its look and was the best when your mouth is battling with the spices

You can enjoy spicy chicken wings from Monster Meal in the comfort of your own home. They have produced a commercial version of their restaurant-quality chicken wings in a package. The packet includes chicken wings and sauce, and the best part is, you can cook it however you wish.

You can go to Monster Meal and feast like a monster whenever you have a craving for something spicy. You now know where to get the spicy kick you want in your life!

Compiled By: Rebika Bishokarma

Photos By: Ayush Maharjan 

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