Explore The Unexplored: Limi Valley

The rough and isolated valley of Limi has hardly any sign of travellers

30, Nov 2022 | nepaltraveller.com

Limi Valley is a must visit place to know the real struggle and the real beauty of Nepal.

In Nepal’s far western Humla district, there lies a secret valley called Limi Valley. It provides a glimpse into authentic Himalayan living. The rough and isolated valley of Limi has hardly any sign of travellers. The ancient gompas, stunning scenery, unique culture, climatic variability, rare and endangered wild species, and native flora and wildlife are all associated with Limi Valley. This journey travels along an old pilgrimage route and salt trade route between Nepal and Tibet, going through a typical community of Tibetan people who have distinctive lives and are isolated by snow and ice and Himalayan peaks. As a result, the Limi Valley Trek will be among the best trekking experiences in highland Nepal, where it is inevitable to expect the unexpected.

Limi has a very lengthy history. Since ancient times, Limi has been a part of Tibet’s Ngari area, known as the top of the world. The holy mountains Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar are located in Ngari. The area is peppered with holy mountains, holy rivers, and holy lakes among the sea of ice and snow. In the Sino-Nepalese Border Treaty, Ngari in western Tibet and Humla in northwest Nepal were split. Due to a lack of written records, the history of Limi is unknown. However, it is believed that some Ngari residents moved to a spot named Tsamtso, which is situated between tributaries of the Karnali river and is known locally as Ley-mi, which is a term for those who live in the river valley.

Limi Valley Trek pursues the unexplored paths that frequently lead to ancient settlements, where the nomadic, genuine way of existence has been frozen in time since long ago. During the trek, authentic Tibetan culture with its unique language, traditions, and way of life are clearly visible. In villages like Halji and Gombayok, hikers may explore living museums where they might get the best view of old Tibet.

The trek up to Gyuo Kharka, at a height of 5150 meters, is the Limi Valley Trek’s primary feature. This offers the chance to see the view that will make you fall in love with nature’s splendor. The stunning grandeur of the Himalayas, including Saipal (7031m), Byas Rishi, Api, Kanjirowa, Kanti, and

Gorakh Himalayas, can be seen from the summit of this pass. The Himalayan peaks of Tibet, which includes the holy peak Mt. Kailash, and Gorlamdanda, are where the beauty of nature continues to extend from this location. A beautiful view to take in from the acme is Lake Mansarovar, which is located at the base of Mt. Kailash.

You get the chance to observe unique and endangered plant and animal species by trekking to Limi Valley. If you’re lucky, you could see any of the trek’s hundreds of flora and animal species, including blue sheep, wild horse, and snow leopards.


Day 1 – Flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu

Day 2 – Flight to Simikot from Nepalgunj and trek to Dharmapuri

Day 3 – Trek to Kermi

Day 4 – Trek to Yalbang

Day 5 – Trek to Tumkot

Day 6 – Trek to Yari

Day 7 – Trek to Hilsa

Day 8 – Trek to Meneame

Day 9 – Trek to Til

Day 10 – Trek to Halji

Day 11 – Trek to Jang

Day 12 – Trek to Talung

Day 13 – Trek to Shinjungma via Nyalu La Pass

Day 14 – Trek back to Kermi

Day 15 – Trek to Simikot

Day 16 – Flight to Simikot – Nepalgunj – Kathmandu

Therefore, the intriguing trek is an unconventional camping trek in far-western Nepal, where life appears to be simple despite all the difficulties the residents of Limi Valley have faced for decades. Henceforth, this is a must visit place to know the real struggle and the real beauty of Nepal. 
(Photo Credit: kimkim)

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