Explore the Unexplored: Bhotechaur Tea Garden

Due to its resemblance with the famous Illam tea garden, the garden is also referred to as ‘Mini Illam’

30, Oct 2022 | nepaltraveller.com

38 kilometres from Kathmandu is a ‘Mini Illam’; a stunning, never-ending, velvety green tea garden

When discussing tea gardens, everyone thinks of Illam, but did you know that there is a stunning, never-ending, velvety green tea garden only 38 kilometres from Kathmandu’s old bus park?

The tea estate in question is the Bhotechaur Tea Estate, which is located in the Sindhupalchowk district’s little village of Jaisigaun. Due to its resemblance with the famous Illam tea garden, the garden is also referred to as Mini Illam.

To get there, you can either use public transit or a private vehicle. As you gently depart from Kathmandu, you will begin to see the rolling hills covered with lush greenery, old homes, villages, and herds of cattle being tended by shepherds. You’ll be mesmerised by nature’s beauty, and by that time, half of your worry will have vanished. Your brain will be hypnotised, and the snow-capped mountains will calm your eyes.

When you arrive in Jaisigaun, you will notice that the area is remote from the smog and noise of the city. A wide range of plants and flowers are visible here. Your body will feel a wonderful breeze, which will instantly relieve any fatigue from the bumpy yet lovely ride to the village.

The tea estates are just 5 minute hike from Jaisigaun. Tea-pluckers can be seen working diligently among the rows of tea bushes, which are organised in the garden in regular rows.

The Bhotechaur tea garden is a beautiful, lush green space that delivers the fresh aroma of tea, and the location’s isolation lets you experience new flavours. A stunning view of the tea hills might make you feel as though you are in a tropical heaven. A fantastic picnic area with a stunning panoramic view is also present, and Paragliding from Lapsi Phedi will add excitement and remembrance to your trip.

This will be a quick weekend break that is both affordable and restful.

Compiled by: Rebika Bishokarma

Photo By: Sutterstock, Flickr

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