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31, Mar 2022 | nepaltraveller.com

Find yourself amidst the metropolis of Kathmandu- only in Avata

It's easy to get caught up in the city's hustle; often, the only escape you can find manifests in the form of surprises. Avata is the epitome of these surprises. Traipsing over the busy roads in Kathmandu, it only takes a short journey into Gairidhara to find yourself surrounded by the beautiful scenes of nature and absolute serenity. As you find your way inside, you are welcomed by the pleasant smiles of the friendly staff and the warm ambience of nature —uncharacteristic of the metropolis that is Kathmandu.

Walking through the gates of the Avata Wellness Center, I felt as though all my burdens dissipated into the serene atmosphere of the location. 

Avata Wellness Center


As we toured the halls of the wellness centre, Manager Binita Gurung remarked, "Avata is the hub of rejuvenation", and even with my limited exposure to this mind-blowing location, I couldn't agree more. How often do you come across a place that offers everything ranging from regular yoga sessions, spa treatments and even a restaurant to "Nourish" your body. The scenic infrastructure is just an additional pro to all the amazing services at Avata.

In the picture: Binita Gurung

"We curated Avata in a way that was dedicated towards the people's wellbeing. Often when you look for a nice massage or spa, you'll either find yourself spending exorbitantly on a luxury service or expecting the bare minimum at a basic joint. We created Avata with affordable price ranges while compromising nothing. Our yogashala classes are run in a spacious hall, our spa treatments and massages are run in private rooms, and the options maintain a strong variety. Moreover, the dishes we create at Nourish are mostly organic and adhere deeply towards creating a balanced vegetarian/ plant-based diet."

True to  Shiva Dhakal's statement. Avata offers a range of options. Within Yogashala, the sessions are priced on either a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, and you will also find that the classes you subscribe to are also unlimited over a certain duration of time. 


The spa treatments available exist within a fairly large variety, with services ranging from Thai Traditional Therapy, Foot and Palm Reflexology, Shirodhara! The options for massages exist within the same variety; Aroma Therapy, Trekker's Massage, Swedish Massage and more! What left me the most perplexed by their services is how affordable they are- starting from NRs. 3000, all prices stay within the range of NRs.6000. 

By joining the Avata Community, you'll find that the opportunities to reconnect with your soul are endless. You can attend the meditation workshops and immerse your body in sounds and vibrations. Come out feeling energised by participating in the monthly retreat programmes by spending a few nights in a spiritual location on the outskirts of Kathmandu, tapping into a routine of Yoga, meditation, Yogi Nindra and Sound Bathing. And, take this time to engage in an enriching diet to cleanse your mind, body and soul!

Avata withholds the connection between Nepal and spirituality by focusing on the health and wellbeing of their customers. "While attending the gym, you develop a lifestyle that resembles the hustle of the city- you have to constantly push your body to stressful limits and overcome the exhaustion that comes from the rigorous exercises. Yoga is different in the way that it guides you into becoming one with your body. You direct your focus into breathing, and your body exercises itself! 

You seldom come across restaurants that have curated a nutritious diet that is entirely plant-based in Nepal. What comes to mind when you think of vegetarian food is a meal devoid of meat- not a full meal in itself. Nourish by Avata reinforces this exact idea by combining the disciples of Mediterranean and continental cuisine, introducing a menu that you can't find anywhere else. "Oftentimes, even Chefs come to our restaurant and are intrigued by how unique our dishes are", said Chef Nabin Nepal. 

Chef Nabin Nepal

True to his words, I, too, was overwhelmed by everything on the menu, so I took upon Chef Nabin's recommendation and tried their Buddha Bowl. A decadent bowl of colours, the Buddha bowl was a generous platter of assorted vegetables, minced tofu, kidney beans and a serving of quinoa. A single bite and the flavours rush into my palette- leaving me wanting more as the dish etched to completion. 

The Buddha Bowl

I hope to find myself spending a full day at Avata in the near future. Perhaps taking a session of Aerial Yoga or tasting Almond Chocolate Cake in Nourish. If you’re like me and you just want a quick escape, Avata is the place for you!

Text and Pictures by: Asmi Shrestha

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