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12, Sep 2022 | nepaltraveller.com

The wind breezing across your face while you effortlessly glide through the hilly terrains of Nepal is a feeling that cannot be contested

Riding on your E-Bike alongside stunning views of the rolling greens and the high Himalayas, one can experience absolute euphoria. For our readers who share a knack for adventure, we recommend that you try E-Biking with Thamserku Trekking to experience a spontaneous adventure through the historical cities between Kathmandu and Pokhara in 6 days.

While most do share a few aversions to the concept and stability of the E-Bike, you need not worry as they come with a reliable set of state-of-the-art hydraulics, suspensions and motor. It has a sharp LED display with bluetooth connectivity, allowing the rider to choose between three modes; Eco, Trail and Boost (all of which are adjustable to difficulty and terrain). Compared to conventional mountain bikes, the power and potential of these ebikes are unmatched– taking you to further distances with lesser effort. 

DAY 01: 

Start your ride through quaint streets of Kathmandu, swerving through the busy roads and making your way towards Kakani. The ride is mostly uphill and you will spend approximately 4 hours ascending to the final destination of your day, Kakani. In the outskirts of the valley you follow a paved path through the Nagarjun Hill to reach Mudkhu. Mudkhu Bhanjyang is a popular location for local cyclists and hikers and offers a flawless view over the Kathmandu Valley. After passing Mudkhu, you will move across Teenpiple through the intersection of Ranipauwa and the last stretch to Kakani. After a long day, you will be rewarded with a crystal clear view of the beautiful Langtang Range, Dorje Lakpa and Ganesh Himal as well as an overnight stay in the Famous Farm House.

DAY 02:                                                                                                    

The second day begins with a great breakfast from the Famous Farm House and a pleasant jungle ride towards Bandre. The route is mostly downhill and you unite with the bustling Trishuli Bazaar. After you make your way through the local market, you will arrive at a small bridge. Buckle up for an uphill ride through the gravelled and rocky roads of Samari Bhanjyang! After traversing this, you will stop for lunch at a local restaurant of your choice. Take a quick break then embark upon a thrilling downhill ride through the paddy fields of Bumpitghat. Make your way across the suspension bridge and end your ride at Dhading Besi’s Janajibika Hotel.

DAY 03:                                                                                                    

The third day is an exciting one, as you make your way to the historical city of Gorkha- the birthplace of Prithvi Narayan Shah and the brave Gurkha soldiers. This 3.45 hour ride consists of challenging dirt roads as you traverse through Murali Bhanjyang, the Budi Gandaki River and Bungkotghat. The day ends in the Gorkha Gaun Resort.

DAY 04:                                                                                                     

Starting with an 8km downhill ride with a crazy view, the fourth day promises adventure. Arrive at Chepetar and continue riding through the Madi Khola. Take a quick left and ride uphill enroute to Bhanjyang. Bike for 10 more kilometres downhill towards the Marsyangdi River and stop at Turture for lunch. After lunch, ride up to Bhoteodar and finally spend the rest of the day cooling off in the swimming pool in the Gateway Hotel.

DAY 05:                                                                                                    

The challenges of Day 5 are barely a testament to rewards that await you. The day consists mostly of uphill rides and some dirt tracks. The amazing landscape of the pristine Himalayas peaks at you as you ride through Ramkot and Sarke Bhanjyang, stopping for a quick tea break to enjoy the majestic view in front of you. After your break, ride downhill through the forests all the way up till Begnas. With the lake in front of you and surrounded by the comforts of Begnas Lake Resort, your second last day will come to a pleasant end. 

DAY 06:                                                                                                     

Your last day is a breezy ride down to the city of Pokhara. As you ride through the paved roads, you will explore hidden gallis and roads exploring the underrated locations throughout Begnas. This 1 hour ride allows you to peacefully immerse yourself into the local life and landscapes of Pokhara. You will arrive early in the city, and you can spend the rest of your day wandering through the streets of lakeside and enjoying a few drinks with your companions.

In 6 days, you will make memories that will last a lifetime. Escaping the urban city of Kathmandu, you will find yourself at the true heart of Nepal- the greenery, the local cultures and the exhilarating experiences it has to offer. 

Thamserku Trekking

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