Dos and Don'ts in Church on Christmas

A few tips to keep in mind, if you decide to go to church on Christmas as a non-Christian.

22, Dec 2022 |

Experience what it's like to go to church on Christmas without any serious intent of changing your religion.

Going to church, especially as Christmas approaches, is a social and public occasion that calls for certain conduct. Knowing proper church behaviour will help you act appropriately, whether you go every Sunday or are going only once with a friend on Christmas. The influence of the Western movies, TV shows and music has given us exposure to Christian traditions; the whole Christmas celebration being one of them. So, if you would like to, quench your curiosity by visiting a church just once on Christmas.

1.       Be on time

Disrupting the mass once the church has started is obviously rude. If you arrive late, approach discreetly. Avoid being late during a significant section of the service, such as the worship and Gospel. You have to be on time and attend every part of the service.

2.       Be dressed respectfully

Churches have adopted the same informal dress code as the rest of society, even permitting jeans and shoes. Although this is okay because time has unavoidably changed, we advise you to try to dress appropriately. This implies nothing with spaghetti straps, transparent, low-cut, or dazzling should be worn. If possible, wear appropriate footwear. Of course, going to mass in casual clothing is always preferable to not going at all, but if you are making the effort to go, it is polite to give some care to your outfit.

3.       Don’t eat or drink inside the church hall

Eating and drinking are impolite, and cause other people to become distracted in a religious setting. It’s hardly the nicest to look to be munching on chips during the liturgy. Naturally, there are exceptions for medical reasons or for young children. Chewing gum is also prohibited. Respecting others’ presence and space is important.

4.       Do the needful gestures

Expect to sit, stand and kneel as needed, unless it’s for medical reasons or they are incapable due to old age. Don’t sit in the front row if you don’t know what to do when. Sit behind others so that you can follow what they are doing. Respect the place and make appropriate gestures.

5.       Turn off your cell phone

Nothing is more impolite to the speaker than to hear someone’s cell phone ringing and they actually picking it up. Ensure that it is set to silent. A phone ringing may be heard loudly in the calm of the chapel. Talking on the phone and texting should be reserved for the outside of the church. Sit in the aisle towards the rear of the room, if you are expecting an emergency call. Then, stealthily exit the building to take the call.

6.       Don’t worry if you don’t believe

Do not feel obligated to say any of the prayers or answers, if you are not religious. Naturally, you are welcome to do so. But you should feel at ease going and listening without making a commitment. If you disagree, keep your disagreements to yourself and listen politely until the service finishes. Then, you may talk about your differences with the authorised person.

Don’t let this stop you from attending church, though! When it comes down to it, they are all really basic lessons in respect and politeness. There aren’t prerequisites for going to any church. I bet you will leave with an interesting story to tell about your experience of going to church only once on Christmas

Compiled By: Rebika Bishokara

Photo By: Debby Hudson

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