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Today, women have every right (no one can deny that). Yet when it comes to experiencing those freedoms socially to the level that men do, they are still behind (you know what I am talking about). They still go through both overt and covert harassment from micro to macro level. Despite these challenges, when it comes to travelling, women can do it on their own too.

7, Mar 2023 |

Aren’t you sick of women being portrayed as damsels in distress in Pop culture? So, this International Women’s Day, prove that you are not someone who seeks dependency on men by travelling to these safe places without one.

Nepal is known as a safe destination for women solo travellers. Even though it’s a traditional and conservative society, women have great freedom to express themselves however they may like and to enter into any occupation they choose. Nonetheless, knowing this should not put one at ease. There are certain difficulties to be aware of, as well as some precautions to take.

Tourists, especially women tourists are likely to be appreciated whether they travel alone, in pairs, or as a couple. The Nepalese are generally polite and protective of solo women travellers. There will be outliers, of course, but there is no stigma connected with travelling alone as a woman in Nepal.

We have selected a few travel destinations in Nepal that are both safe and suitable for solo women travellers.

Panch Pokhari Trek

Panch Pokhari is a collection of five holy lakes located at the base of Jugal Himal in Nepal’s Sindhupalchok region. It is located at a height of 4100 metres above sea level. A five-day trek is the easiest route to reach Panch Pokhari. The trek is challenging and offers breathtaking mountain views, unspoiled natural beauty, and scenic views.

The Panch Pokhari trek is a fresh addition to a short and easy but equally rewarding Himalayan trip. If you want to go on an easy but beautiful and exciting solo trek in Nepal, Panch Pokhari is an excellent choice with very well marked trails, and near to human settlements and amenities.


Dolakha Kalinchowk Trek

The three day Dolakha Kalinchowk trek in eastern Nepal may be both interesting and easy for solo women travellers. Although you won’t get higher than 3800 metres, the hills will make you feel like you are. In addition to travelling through Kuri, Nepal’s sole ski resort, the trek begins at Charikot and ends at the Kalinchowk temple, from where you can see mountains such as Gaurisankhar, Jugal, Annapurna, and Everest. There are a lot of birds in the area. It is excellent for bird watching.

The area is famous for trekking, and you’ll encounter a lot of people along the trail. It is not that distant from human habitation but has a very tranquil setting, which every solo traveller seeks.


Nagarkot Hike

Nagarkot is an ideal area for a solo hike with stunning dawn and sunset views. It is Kathmandu’s most popular one-day climb, commonly known as nature walk. Going through the highland Tamang hamlet up to the Nagarkot 360 viewpoint tower is a great experience that allows you to see rural life. The spectacular close up vistas of snow-capped mountains, as well as breathtaking sunrise over Mount Everest is worth the hike. A solitary nature stroll in pine and rhododendron forest is worthwhile, as it offers the view of Kathmandu valley from the viewpoint tower. Hiking in Nagarkot is the ideal method to re-energize your spirit in a peaceful setting near the nature’s heart.

This destination is ideal for solo female travellers because it is not far from Kathmandu and offers all of the required housing and dining facilities as well as facilities like hospital, bank, spa, and more.


Allies of Thamel

Thamel’s narrow lanes are a renowned shopping area in Kathmandu. Since the hippie days, the streets have remained busy with numerous stores and sellers that are popular with tourists. The location in central Kathmandu offers a variety of activities that keep the decades-old vibes alive. Thamel, which is open 24 hours a day, includes a broad range of tourist amenities such as trekking equipment, souvenir shops, hotels, restaurants, chill-out spots, casinos, book stores, indoor sports, and many more. This hub is quite active with people and visitors strolling past. Vehicles, such as rickshaws, taxis, automobiles, two wheelers, and so on, are also easily available here. 



Pokhara is the major attraction of all the travellers in Nepal, whether they’re in group or solo traveller. It is one of the most accessible attractions, with plenty of sights, sceneries, and activities to enjoy. Also, because the area is rich in vacation attractions, all the infrastructures such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, lodges, resorts and travel agencies have been expanding for decades.

Because Pokhara is a developed city, you can find virtually anything there.

This Women’s Day, go visit places, explore things, and enjoy your freedoms!

Compiled By: Rebika Bishokarma

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