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The Old House invites Nepal Traveller to enjoy their favourite winter dishes

9, Dec 2021 |

The Old House is a perfect blend of both classy and modern design where cuisines are merged to the forms of art

The Old House, a jewel of French and Asian fusion cookery is artfully located in Durbarmarg. It is a perfect blend of classy and modern design, where cuisines are alofted to the forms of art. With its service matching the quality of food, the place is great for a meeting, quick meal, and as well as for gatherings. 

The first thing I noticed as I stepped into the restaurant was the lush greenery. The seating area is surrounded by potted plants and a beautiful perpendicular garden apace with the bar creating a refreshing and calm environment. For people who want to be around greenery while sipping on their favourite drinks and enjoying delicious meals, this is the place to go. The extensive menu also includes winter specials, indulgent desserts and varieties of drinks.

I was very excited for the Ginger Pumpkin Soup with garlic bread being served, which is a favourite during the winter. The soup was a beautiful blend of roasted pumpkin, apple, ginger and eclectic spices. As I took the first sip of the hot soup, a combination of sweet-meets-salty taste filled my mouth. The garlic bread complemented the soup really well and made it all the more commendable.  

As I finished my soup, I was served the main course, Marinade Chicken with mashed potatoes on the side. The chicken was well-seasoned with pepper, herbs and spices along with juicy bacon. The sumptuous marinade chicken with seasoning is a perfect balance of flavours, each bite better than the last.

Just when I thought I could not eat anymore, dessert was served. Always leaving room for dessert, I savoured every bite of the Molten Lava with a glob of vanilla ice-cream. The plateful of decadence garnished with chocolate ganache, strawberry and nasturtium flowers is also a treat for the eyes. 

The culinary experience at The Old House is incomparable. Their enthusiasm for creativity and fusioned foods will amaze anybody. With plenty more creative dishes on the menu, it is a must-visit when the temperature dips this season. 

Contact details: 

Phone no.: +977 9810280208 


Facebook: The Old House Restaurant

Address: Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

Text by Aashika Shrestha

Photos by Prasan Gurung 

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