DEITIES OF NEPAL a thematic exhibition

2, Dec 2022 |

A famous thematic exhibition called DEITIES of NEPAL was designed to combine on one platform the folk, traditional, and modern art of the deities of Nepal. The different ways Nepali artists have depicted the numerous gods and goddesses in their diverse incarnations for religious purposes to beautifying the aesthetics of secular settings are shown in this exhibition. Visitors are invited to reflect on the variety of expression and inspiration of individual artists from different backgrounds and communities, juxtaposed in harmony and dedication to one or more sacred deities. This exhibition features works of art in a variety of genres created by artists and sculptors from various communities across the nation. It is distinctive in its conceptual framework and artistic approach.










The exhibition seeks to conserve our artistic past while educating the public about our rich cultural heritage. The exhibition of artworks will reference the origins and fundamental principles of Buddhism and Hinduism, the two religions and philosophical systems that have their roots in Nepal. It will also delve into the various avatars and myriad forms of images, symbolism, and iconography that we have inherited from the Rishis and scholars of previous centuries.

















Photos by: Bidyash Dangol

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