Common Mistakes To Avoid While Applying for a Visa

There is a higher chance of making mistakes while applying for a visa if the country you want to visit has lengthy visa procedures. Here are some details that you might overlook that may result in rejection of your visa application by the concerned embassy.

16, Mar 2023 |

Visa procedures differ depending upon the requirements by each country. While the anticipation of the trip might make you want to fast forward the visa procedures, these are a few pointers to keep in mind.

Although countless visitors make overseas vacation plans, several travellers lose that chance over a refused visa, frequently owing to mistakes in their visa application. Applying for any visa at this date is not an easy task. There are lots of documents to be collected, formalities to be completed, interviews to sit through, and even fees to be paid. Here are five of the most common mistakes that you should not make so that you can visit your preferred destination.

Invalid Passport

When applying for a visa, the validity of your passport is crucial. Countries frequently require passports to have at least six months of validity remaining while applying for a visa. A visa can be rejected if the passport is not in a presentable condition, does not have enough validity period or does not have significant information.

Mismatched Details

The major reason for the visa being rejected is the details do not match in all your documents. All the details provided must be accurate and correct. From spellings of the names to the size of the photos, all must be correct and as per the requirement. The information in the application and in other documents must be rechecked, and the mistakes must be identified before applying for the visa.

Not having correct documents

All the documents that are required for applying for a visa must be checked beforehand. Every country will have their own set of requirements. So, you must have all the documents as per their requirement. It is better to have both digital and printed forms of documents because it’ll be easier to process.

Untimely Submitting

The application for a visa must not be submitted too soon or too slow. You can file an application six months before your intended trip, or at least 15 working days before your intended trip, so that you get enough time for your visa processing. Every traveller must submit the application in advance, but not earlier than six months before the planned trip.

Not Having Insurance

Some embassies require travel insurance. So, the “I am not going to get sick” attitude may lead you into the rejection of your visa. Do buy travel insurance even though you are perfectly healthy. It will cover repatriation in case of uncertain risks.

Pay attention to every detail of the application form. Go through the documents thoroughly. Do not be impulsive while filling out the forms or you might make mistakes. Recheck every document, and every word on the form so that your visa doesn’t get rejected, and you can visit your destination.

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