Chyangra Pashmina: Love from the Himalayas

13, Dec 2020 |

Chyangra Pashmina is regarded as one of the finest products and best wool in the world all the way up from the Himalayas.


We are billions of people in this world with billions of different tastes. And also, when it comes to luxury, for some individuals it may be about collections of branded cars or living in a mansion with facilitated rooms, or traveling to all the destinations on one’s wish list. In all this, we also find shopaholic people who yearn for this beautiful, soft, luxurious, and best quality fiber; Pashmina.

Chyangra is a local Nepali word for a Himalayan goat which is also called Capra Hircus. It is found only in altitudes above 14000 feet. Each ‘chyangra’ produces 90 grams of Pashmina once a year.  It is regarded as one of the finest products and best wool in the world up from the Himalayas. Therefore, for the ones traveling to Nepal, Pashmina comes as a great souvenir to buy for themselves and also as gifts for their loved ones.

Many Pashmina businesses are opening recently. A line of shops dedicated to the fashion of Pashmina can be seen in tourist-centric places like Thamel and Pokhara. The Pashminas are not only limited to shawls, but one can also buy soft sweaters, cardigans, stole, blankets, and baby blankets.  All the products of Pashmina are inspired by Nepalese culture and tradition, and the process it goes through is ethical. No child labor is used for its production. Therefore, it has gained more popularity in the international market.

Pashmina has become a major product for the local Nepalese economy as the export of genuine pashmina has improved. With the rising business of Chyangra Pashmina, the positive impact can also be seen in the lifestyle of the underdeveloped region as it has increased the employment, especially the women.   

However, due to an increasing number of producers, fake Pashmina has also been evolving. Soft fabrics with “Made with Pashmina” or “Made in Nepal Pashmina” tags are not always the pure Chyangra Pashminas. Therefore, occasional buyers must visit many shops to get their hands into the real treasure of fabric. Also, to overcome this problem, the Nepalese Government and Nepal Pashmina Industries Association (NPIA) has come up with a registered trademark as “Chyangra Pashmina”. For this tag, the production must go through rigorous tests and must comply with the set-out code of conduct.

Technically the real pashmina differs on the fiber diameter, purity, strength, fiber composition, colorfastness, and AZO dyeing Usage. Only certified productions that pass this technical aspect can be labeled as “Chyangra Pashminas”. To always be on the safe side, it is always recommendable to visit more stores and go into ones that are well known.  

This luxurious, soft, and the best fabric from the Himalayas, Chyangra Pashmina, can be your next wardrobe piece if you shop right.



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