Chinde Dada: A Scenic Oasis of Adventure and Tranquility in Dharan

21, Feb 2024 |

Chinde Dada is a good place to feel away from the commotion of the main crowded city life

Chinde Dada is a short hiking destination in the Dharan locality. It is also a popular paragliding spot in Dharan. It’s one of the best spots to get a perfect panoramic view of the northern part of Dharan. Just around 3 km away from the downtown, it provides ample opportunities for hikers to enjoy sightseeing around the locality.

The newly introduced adventurous and enjoyable zip line, rope cycling, and false bridge, managed by Schhechha Group Dharan, have added additional attraction to the visitors. Besides these, visitors are provided with snacks and drinks at different cafeterias. The scenic beauty of Chinde Dada mesmerizes the visitors. We can get a widespread view of the Saptakoshi River from Chinde Dada. If you are a hiking lover, you can have a one-hour hike from Zero Point, Dharan. If you like to go by bike or scooter it’s just a fifteen-minute ride from Zero Point. Besides, you can also take an auto-rickshaw to the top of the dada.

There is a view tour at the top which helps us to enjoy the surrounding beauty from a higher point of view. Even though it is one of the popular tourist destinations, the road to Chinde Dada is not good enough. The bikers and the four/three wheelers have to pass the muddy and dusty road to the spot. Though there is a motorable bridge under construction across Sardu Khola, Chinde Dada remains away from the main city of Dharan during summer seasons.

Therefore, improvement of the road standard and completion of the bridge construction are the two striking necessities of the time. Moreover, the construction of a public restroom there is another burning necessity. Overall, Chinde Dada is a good place to feel away from the commotion of the main crowded city life.

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