Chaurchan - Moon Festival

19, Aug 2020 |

Festival also known as Chauthichan people worships the rising moon.


Hindus in the Mithila region of the Terai celebrate the Chaurchan festival on day following Teej. Chaurchan festival falls on Bhadra Shukla Chauthi of the lunar calendar. It is also known as Chuthichan.

The devotees celebrate the festival by worshiping the rising moon from their homes. It is believed that people in the Mithila region started celebrating this festival to rid themselves of the curse of Lord Ganesha.

On this festival, the people prepare delicious food from rice, wheat, flour, sweets and fruits. They prepare the spot from where they can worship the moon by purifying it with cow dung, red mud and making an alpana rangoli. Each member of the family worships the rising moon turn by turn and offers the food prepared on banana leaves.

Male family members then eat the food aside from the offerings at the worship spot and the remaining food is buried in the yard. Female members take fast throughout the day and conclude the worship in the evening by taking bath and wearing new clothes.

It is believed that Chaurchan brings good fortune and prosperity and keeps the family united together.

Complied by Rina Kumari Mandal a content writer at Nepaltraveller. 


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