Chandragiri – Chitlang – Markhu; An Exotic Hiking Trip

3, Jan 2021 |

Next morning if you wake up early, you will get enough time to explore the nature of Chitlang Valley.


Imagine experiencing different travel experiences in one 2-3 days hike! Cable car ride, beautiful view of Himalayan ranges, walking into lush green nature, stay in an organic homestay, barbeque night with songs, dance and fun and even boating in glistening man-made lake; these all fits in one package. And our today’s article will give you a brief guide map of this package. Plan your next trip here with your group of friends or family for a great memorable trip.

This hiking trip can be customized as per your choice. If you love hiking but are new to it, it is recommended to plan for 2 nights and 3 days. It will give you time to move ahead slowly.

Day 1

It starts with an early morning bus to Chandragiri. The buses or microbuses are easily found in Ratnapark Bus Stop, Kathmandu. Maximum, it is 45 mins ride to your stop. Then a short walk is required to reach Chandragiri Cable Car Ticket. A cable car is an easy medium to reach the hilltop and also a fun experience to have at least once. You can easily access the one-way price of a cable car ride from its website. The prices vary for national and foreign travelers. Also, for children, students, and old-aged, discounts are provided.

Then with a 9-minute ride to Chandragiri Hilltop Station, you will get to see the panoramic view of the Kathmandu valley and the ranges of the Himalayas. You can start walking to have your packed breakfast and settle in a small park made near the Bhaleshwor Mahadev temple. A small children's park has also been arranged. Wander around the refreshing hilltop for some time and get ready to start your hike.

The route starts from the spot nearby where you got off from the cable car. It is a downhill hike. With music and fun chit chats among your friend, you will enjoy your walk into the lush Chandragiri Forest. The hike is of 4- 5 hours. For not so much hikers, take it slow and rest in between, you will need energy for the next few hours too! And stay hydrated.

If you do not lose your pace, you will reach Chitlang in the early evening, at the right time o experience sunset and with enough time to select your homestay place. There are plenty of homestays to stay at. However, homestays in Chitlang will not give you the typical traditional homestay experience. But they do facilitate barbeques and bonfires to lit up your night's fun.

You will rest at Chitlang at the end of this day, take some rest in the evening and enjoy your night with tasty and juicy pieces of meat and snacks and a warm bonfire!


Day 2

Next morning if you wake up early, you will get enough time to explore the nature of Chitlang Valley. This small valley has some good things to explore. (Read: Five things to do in Chitlang) Then after finishing your organic breakfast, you can resume your hike to Markhu. It will take you about 2 hours. The hike will first take you through alleys of villages. The trail will lead you to hills. There isn’t much to explore on the route like the first day, however, the end destination waits for you will an amazing spot to explore, the Markhu valley.

You can choose your place to stay once you reach Markhu. You might want to choose hotels around the lake to enjoy the view from your window. Have your lunch take a rest and once again get your feet moving to explore the scenic lakes and the village. You might forget your time while taking photographs and enjoying the view from the pool of Kulekhani dam. But make sure to reach the lake for boating before sunsets. You will miss the view of glistening water, and boating ends early there due to the cold breeze in the evening.

You can spend a fun night in your hotel with your group members, as the next day you can get back to Kathmandu on a bus.


Day 3

Buses are available from Markhu to Kathmandu at regular intervals. Therefore, you can take your time and catch your bus. Or it is also recommended to ask the owner of the hotel, a day before, to book your seats. As they are locals, they might help you with the timing and bookings of the bus, as on a busy day you might not get a seat. And more than an hour of drive standing will just add exhaustion.


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