Camping Sites Near Kathmandu Valley

1, Apr 2022 |

With people waiting and ready for an opportunity to start adventures after the two years of pandemic, yet with uncertain and changing restrictions in international destinations, here are some camping sites close to home to start this year of adventure and travel

With the COVID-19’s hold on tourism and travel finally weakening after 2 years, many in Nepal have been waiting for an opportunity to leave their homes and residences for an adventure or a trip to rejuvenate their senses and have some time off from the monotonous work in the cities. But with international travel and tourism still in disarray amidst the shadow of the pandemic, many Nepali may be confused about what destination and more importantly, what type of rules, regulations and paperwork is needed to travel to other countries and international travel are still slumped over from COVID-19 flaring up in certain countries. Therefore, for aspiring travellers in 2022 looking for a destination, why not try the small sites and treks nearby to start this year of adventures. Here are some destinations you and your travel companions can travel with relative ease and planning. 

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Situated just a few hours outside of the metropolis of Kathmandu, Chitlang imbues a sense of wonder and serene peacefulness in its atmosphere. Chitlang is one of the most visited sites for camping, by both domestic and foreign travellers. You and your travellers can make a short plan to visit Chitlang, going through their neighbourhoods filled with ancient architecture and visit temples like Asoka Chaita or peruse the ancient inscriptions found here which date back to the Licchavi Period. You can unwind and connect with nature with beautiful nature and environment immersing travellers in its beauty and aura. You can see Chitlang as a place of one-stop short adventure going through its organic farms or you can extend and go further into the heights of Chandragiri, see the beautiful Kulekhani river and then participate in boating in the Markhu Village. Truly, Chitlang is one of the best places to travel near the valley. 


Photo Credit: [Pratap Baniya/Wikimedia Commons]

Lele Village

24 kilometres away from the capital city of Kathmandu, in a small solitary valley away from the hustle-bustle of town, lies the serene village of Lele. With terrace farming on hills and rivers flowing through the valley, Lele forms the image of a perfect village retreat for holidays. Dating back to the reign of the Lichhavi dynasty, this place is now a popular tourist destination for camping and trekking with the Langtang range in the backdrop. It is also home to countless temples. You can visit a variety of temples and gumba in the surrounding areas like Sukra Bhagwan Mandir, Saraswati Kunda, Ganga Jamuna, Maneshwori and much more. You can also visit the Lele PIA Memorial Park, made in remembrance of the lives lost in the PIA plane crash in Bhatti Dunda. 


Photo Credit: [Sunil kawan/Wikimedia Commons]

Balthali Village 

Far away from the hustle-bustle of modern towns, resting on top of a plateau, lies the tranquil village of Balthali. It is located in Central Nepal and is roughly 32 kilometres away from the Kathmandu Valley. Suffused with lush green forests and flourishing rice fields, this hamlet is now emerging as a popular destination for campers and trekkers. The place has a captivating landscape of the mountain ranges of Langtang and Mahabharat with many Buddhist temples nearby. You can hike up to Namo Buddha, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, from this place.


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Standing at a height of 2,030 metres, Kakani is a scenic hill station that lies 28 km northwest of Kathmandu valley. The mesmerising view of the landscape and mountains will give you a life-lasting memory of your travel journey. The place is a perfect blend of wilderness and a peaceful environment. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, an overnight stay in Kakani is a great option to enjoy your weekend. You can experience the view of mesmerising mountains like Langtang, Ganesh, Manaslu, Annapurna, Dorje Lakpa and many more. Or you can observe a wide array of biodiverse flora and fauna including the endangered Himalayan Goral, Barking Deer and many more. Experience the exquisite rhododendron and strawberry flavoured alcohol native to the region or the fishing of the Himalayan Rainbow Trouts in the region. You and your travel buddies can participate in other activities in the area like natural wall climbing, motorcycle trips and mountain biking and much more. Travellers also pass through the Kakani on the route to Syabrubesi. All in all, Kakani is an experience everybody should have in this day and age.

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Just 20 kilometres away from Kathmandu Valley, amid verdant tea gardens lies the village, now a popular hill station, of Lapsiphedi. At this place, you'll get to experience the vibrant Nepali Tamang culture and traditions. Located in Central Nepal, it is a gorgeous place where you can hike with the snow-covered Langtang mountain range running beside you. Several points in this village are known to offer some of the most breathtaking views of sunsets and sunrise. Hiking in this terrain will be an arduous task, but the mouth-watering delicacies made in traditional style at the end of the journey will be worth the adventure. Going through Chispani to reach this destination, you can engage in fun and interesting activities like paragliding, bird watching, cycling and so much more. You can taste the excellent and finely made Himalayan tea in the Everest Tea Garden. Lapsiphedi is perfect for sightseers and people looking for landscapes to remember and etch into their memory. 

Text by: Samyak Dhar Tuladhar

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