Barju Lake: Naturally Beautiful and Interlaced with Mythology

While bird watching is a popular pastime, there are also miles of hiking trails that go into surrounding communities where visitors can interact with the Tharu people

12, Mar 2023 |

Because of its natural beauty, diverse fauna, and tranquil environment, Barju Taal or Chimdi Lake in Sunsari is a must-visit destination.

The little lake system, a few miles west of the bustling city of Biratnagar, and just north of the Indian border, is swarming with birds and animals.

Barju Taal, also known as Chimdi Taal, is a picturesque lake surrounded by natural foliage and trees in the Barju Rural Municipality of Sunsari district in Eastern Nepal. The lake is roughly 12-kilometre northwest of Biratnagar on the Keshaliya road. Barju Lake is 152 bighas in size, with water covering only one fourth of it. This lovely lake is a popular tourist site for the locals, and a large number of visitors visit this place mainly on Saturdays, to spend some quality time in nature. Tourists from neighbouring Indian cities flock on weekends to appreciate the picturesque splendour of this lake.

Locals and administrative officials assert that the history and existence of Barju Lake goes back to the Mahabharata period during the Dwapar Yug. This myth is also one of the main reasons why Indian people visit this lake at least once in their lifetime.

Apart from its mythical significance, man-made construction and maintenance of this pond began decades ago. In 2036 BS, this lake was dredged and extended by an excavator, resulting in a cleaner and more attractive lake. This area’s native ethnicity is predominantly Tharu. It is also believed that several of the landlords in this area contributed a significant amount of land for the expansion and management of this stunning lake.

The Barju trip is not complete without seeing the rural farmlands supported by the lake and learning about Tharu culture. Boating is another popular pastime on the lake. But, signs warn against alcoholic paddling. Swimming is also prohibited. Warning signs are justifiable considering the number of water snakes in it.

Apart from the lake and green lush trees, this place is also rich in other areas of biodiversity and serves as the epitome of ecosystem biodiversity. According to the authorities, there are at least 885 unique bird species, of which around 100 are migratory, meaning they travel here at a specific season only. Numerous wildlife photographers and researchers visit this lake to learn more about the region’s unusual and unidentified bird species.

Barju lake is home to a great variety of indigenous fish species, as well as underwater plants and ecosystems, which contribute to its attractiveness. Boating services also serve a unique experience with stunning views of the lake and lovely birds soaring above your head.

Because this lake offers so much to tourists for only NRs. 50 admission fee, its popularity has grown over weekends and holidays for picnics, family trips, excursions, and so on.

Compiled By: Rebika Bishokarma

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