How I'll be celebrating Christmas this year

So allow me to introduce you to the plans I have for Christmas day

24, Dec 2022 |

I’ll celebrate Christmas in my church this year, and engage in a few other activities too.

Christmas has always been one of my favourite holidays personally. I love the frigid winter with all the red, green and white decorations at the malls and stores. I enjoy this festival even more, because of how warm the people are when they come together, and how chilly it gets outside.

On Christmas days in the past, I’ve worshipped, sang, and danced at my church with my family and friends. As a Nepali Christian, I’ll continue to celebrate Christmas in my church this year in a similar manner, and engage in a few other activities too.

I’ll probably wake up a bit later than usual (because it’s vacation time!), and I don’t have to rush to college as usual. I’ll get up, get dressed, have breakfast, and prepare to leave for church. As I get to the church, a formal Christmas program will begin, during which everyone sings, dances, worships, listens to God's words, and has fun. People will perform a variety of activities throughout the chapel, including singing, dancing, exchanging gifts, and more.

After the afternoon program is finished, we all settle down to eat together. We add to this international celebration some Nepali touches by consuming the sumptuous Nepali feast, including rice, daal, achar, tarkari, etc.

We say goodbye after supper, and split off to return home. However, I’ll go out and celebrate this festival even more, with a few of my non-Christian friends.

We will visit a cozy eatery to have a nice cup of coffee. I might indulge myself with some delectable pastries as well (because I am a sweet tooth). Then, I plan to go on a little shopping spree in some of Kathmandu’s trendiest areas. I’ve been asked to join the Christmas dinner at a friend’s. So, I’ll get them a few presents before heading there.

I’ll visit them there and spend some quality time. They are quite fun and have three children. I’ll mingle with the kids by playing games and sharing holiday stories with them. I’ll enjoy myself with the whole family.

Then, I’ll return home. Also, my family will throw a Christmas celebration for our loved ones. I’ll entertain my relatives. We’ll exchange gifts and play Secret Santa. We will, undoubtedly, make the most out of this opportunity, as it is the time for us to get together and celebrate it as a family.

This is how I will celebrate Christmas as a Nepali Christian. Wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Compiled by:Rebika Bishakarma

photo credit: Josh Eckstein,  Edward CisnerosJuliana MaltaLatrach Med Jamil

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