An Urban Oasis ‘Green Boutique Hotel’

8, Jan 2020 |

Located near the magnificent Boudhanath Stupa, Green Boutique Hotel is an urban oasis that exudes serenity amidst the bustling capital city

Green boutique hotel is in the heart of Boudha, just a five minute walk from Boudhanath stupa(UNESCO, Heritage Site), exactly opposite to the Pipalbot(local landmark). This distinct establishment started its operation since September of 2019. The founders of this chic boutique hotel are Umesh Thapa Magar and his uncles Arjun Raj Giri and Janak Bahadur Magar.

Having been in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years, the nephew and uncles trio have a plethora of knowledge and experience under their belt. Even though Umesh was from a well-to-do family, he started working from the bottom of the organisational structure as a bellboy. Overcoming challenges and the urge to leave a mark, Umesh worked his way to the management level.

With practical experience from working as a bellboy to working as a manager, Umesh Thapa Magar went to the United Kingdom to gain more insight into Hotel Management and Culinary Arts. After completing his studies, a strong belief of accomplishing something back in his home country brought him back to Nepal. His belief and dream came to life as a boutique hotel, The Green Boutique Hotel which reflects the blend of ancient Tibetan and Nepali culture.

This tranquil hotel is facilitated with 25 rooms and has five varieties of rooms. The aim is to fulfill the desire of every sort of customer. The rooms are classified as Standard, Deluxe, Junior Suite, Apartment and Deluxe apartment. Uniquely decorated by ancient household utilities, artworks and handicrafts from Tibetian and Nepali culture, the Kathe Sidi (wooden stairs), Sanduk (leather and wooden trunks) and traditional kitchen wares made out of Tama (copper) are some of the things that will intrigue any guests. Not only a relaxing stay but Green Boutique Hotel also gives the experience of different cultures. In addition to that the hotel meets all the standards that is required for a 3-star establishment.

Entering into the hotel premises, the lush green garden decorated by well maintained climbers and the warm smiling faces of the employees is sure to put anyone in a relaxed state. A welcome drink and a warm or cold towel will be provided for refreshment at the lobby. The lounge area is decorated with vintage woodworks, Thangka paintings and statues. You will be assisted conveniently by a receptionist and a bellboy in the lounge.

The Green Courtyard is decorated with varieties of flowers, shrubs and trees, where you can have any drinks and dishes of your desire or have a barbeque with friends and family. Just beside the Green Courtyard is Madeera-The Bar. ‘Madeera’ means alcohol in Sanskrit.  You’ll be served by a professional and experienced bartender at Madeera-The Bar. 

Green Boutique hotel also has Sakhang-The coffee shop. ‘Sakhang’ means a place to dine in Sherpa language. The Sakhang is a multi-cuisine outlet and has modern as well as antique designs which gives continuity to the calm vibe that one gets throughout the hotel. It is well equipped and has been designed to accommodate 35 individuals. The Green boutique  also has a library with a major attraction, a game called Bagchaal(similar to Chess).

Staying true to the famed Nepali hospitality, the amicable workers of the Green Boutique Hotel are ready to assist the guests at any time. Since the Green Boutique Hotel is neighbor to Boudhanath Stupa the aura of this hotel is similar to the aura of Boudhanath Stupa; calm and peaceful.


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