An Oceanic Odyssey

21, Apr 2022 |

Tropical in nature and with pristine beaches and flora and fauna located in its sparse lands and vast expanses of the oceans is a destination that you won’t forget

Amidst the waves of the Indian Ocean, lies about 1200 islands scattered together, most of them atolls barely above seawater. Tropical in nature and with pristine beaches and flora and fauna located in its sparse lands and vast expanses of the oceans is a destination that you won’t forget: Maldives. The nation of Maldives is a very popular destination in the world ranking among the top destinations in rankings for travellers to visit. I think everyone can see that the Maldives is known for its scenic beaches, beautiful oceanic landscapes and the biodiverse ocean floor for visitors to explore and experience. Here are some unique experiences for anyone travelling to the Maldives to check out 

Banana Reef 


Photo Credit: [Michel Royon / Wikimedia Commons]


With such an abundance of oceanic ecosystems on its turf, it is no wonder that the Maldives has a lot of exquisite spots from which you can experience the biodiverse ocean floor, teeming with corals and much aquatic flora and fauna. Banana Reef is the dive site that put the Maldives on the map. Now protected by a marine area, this reef was the country’s first internationally famous site. It boasts a bit of everything from colourful corals to caves and overhangs. Sharks and grouper as well as reef fish like Napoleon wrasse and jackfish congregate in this crystal clear water. The reef is suitable for beginners, and even snorkelers can enjoy the shallow sections.


Fuvahmulah Islands


Photo Credit: [Ibrahim Asad/Wikimedia Commons]


With over 1200 islands, there are many places to visit. Whether it is the Male Atoll where the capital city is located or Sun Island for snorkelling and diving, there is a lot to explore in the islands of Maldives. Known as the ‘Galapagos of Fuvahmulah Islands’, this is a must-visit location on your trip to the Maldives. During the day, this archipelago is a place oozing with natural beauty. A look at this place will make you wonder if it has been painted out of a storybook. With golden sand against the blue waters, this place will take your heart away. Surrounding the main island are pristine waters that are home to a variety of marine animals: tiger sharks, thresher sharks, hammerhead sharks, manta rays, coral reef dwellers, and even larger species such as whale sharks. Within the mainland are lakes, Bandara Kilh and Dhadimagi Kilhi, worthy of day trips to the wetlands.

Vaadhoo Islands

Photo Credit: Visit Maldives


Come to Vaadhoo Islands for a unique phenomenon you can only see in this place. After cruising in the waters, you come back to the island and have some dinner in the wake of scenic purple sunsets and after the sun has gone down, you will notice the waters slowly glowing blue due to bioluminescent phytoplankton. This phenomenon usually happens from July to December. A chartered flight and cruise don’t guarantee the sighting. So, you’ll be better off making assisted tours with local companies who have a better idea of plankton activity in the ocean.


Mirihi Islands 


Photo Credit: [Yuan/Flickr]


Mirihi Island is different from other beaches in the Maldives due to the catered experience it gives its visitors. You’ll have quality white sand beaches with beautiful and scenic resorts for your body to relax and rest in. But Mirihi Islands differ from the rest as the resorts in those islands especially pride themselves on giving their customers a‘ digital detox’ experience. With sand-covered floors throughout much of the island, guests are encouraged to abandon their shoes at check-in and go barefoot for the entirety of their stay. There are no TVs in the guest rooms and no Wi-Fi in the restaurants, allowing couples, friends and families to fully switch off, talk, laugh and enjoy each other’s company without the many digital distractions of life. With starlit beach cinemas, night-time snorkelling and diving, moonlight sailing, planet gazing and more, guests of Mirihi Island will have a chance to reconnect with themselves.

Whale Submarine 


Photo Credit: [Nevit Dilmen/Wikimedia Commons]


With the last one in the entry, it is not a destination and more of an activity. But anyone who is avidly curious to explore the depths of the ocean but does not have a knack for swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving can still experience the stunning view of the depths of the ocean by going through a 45-minute submarine tour. Cruising the underwater can be compared to touring a garden. The only difference is, that you are in a cage and the underwater world is your spectator while you cruise past the marine life.

Text by: Samyak Dhar Tuladhar

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