Alev Kabab Sultanate: A Taste of Turkey and the Mid-East

Alev Kabab Sultanate: A Taste of Turkey and the Mid-East

26, Jan 2023 |

Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines are one of the most popular ethnic cuisines and are a favorite among food enthusiasts. Alev Kabab Sultanate is the one where you can find something new and different

In order to introduce the special flavours of Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines to the Nepalese market at Tangalwood, Kathmandu, Alev Kabab Sultanate was established. Alev Kabab Sultanate will undoubtedly leave the same legacy in Nepal as these delicacies transcend borders and unite the whole world. The best ethnic flavour, aroma, and taste of Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines are served to customers by using Middle Eastern spices and ingredients, which are imported directly from their home country.

Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines are among the popular ethnic cuisines and are a favourite among food enthusiasts everywhere. The use of olives, honey, sesame seeds, mint, chickpeas, and parsley among other ingredients in large quantities, lends the cuisine its distinctive characteristics. A Turkish chef from Turkey was flown in to train the staff of Alev Kabab Sultanate.

Alev Kabab Sultanate is the first restaurant to serve Turkish food in Nepal. The name ‘Alev’ is derived from the Turkish language, which simply denotes flame. Kabab is prepared using flame, and the types of food served at this restaurant demonstrate where the inspiration for its name came from.


Mixed Grill Platter

A mixed Grill Platter is the most popular family meal, which has flavours that are directly grilled using traditional Turkish ingredients. A platter of mixed grill items, including Sumac Onion (which is simply made by adding sumac to the onion), Green Salad, Falafel, Pita Bread Kebab, Chicken Adana, Mutton Adana, Saffron Rice, Chicken Shish kebab, Mutton Shish kebab, Chicken Wings, Grilled Corn, French fries and vegetables. The chef serves the kebab platter to you in a hot pot with butter and cloves so that you can begin eating it right away.

Both the Chicken Adana and Mutton Adana are made from ground chicken mixed with Turkish spices and then moulded onto a skewer before being grilled, which makes it exquisitely flavorful. Falafel is a deep-fried ball made from ground chickpeas. Chicken Shish and Mutton Shish are cubes of marinated chicken and mutton that are then skewered and grilled.

Zaatar and Kuboos Bread

Kubbos, simply made up of wheat flour, is commonly known as Arabian Pita or Arabic Bread. In essence, it is a stable food for Arabs that is high in fibre. Your stomach will remain full all day long just by having it. Zaatar is added on top of Kubbos Bread to create the ideal Zaatar Bread. The Middle Eastern spice mixture Zaatar is made with hyssop (a local variety of oregano), elm-leaved sumac, sesame seeds, and lemon salt. It has a rich, nutty flavour that is herbaceous, citrusy, and earthy.


Jumbo Meze Platter

The Jumbo Meze platter is a fantastic option for sharing an appetiser with friends, family, and coworkers. Several appetisers or starters called ‘meze’ are served before the main course. This dish is a wonderful combination of flavours. Hummus, chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, Muhammara, breadcrumbs, pomegranate syrup and red capsicum are added. Beetroot hummus, beetroot, Harissa Sauce (which is quite spicy with a Nepali twist), Mutabal, eggplant and Tahini are also added. Haydari (made up of yoghurt and olive oil), marinated olives, pepper sauce (which spices up every dish) and green salad are all included.

The chef can also customise the dish as per the customer’s wish. The ideal combination of Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines to enjoy with family and friends is the mixed grill platter and Jumbo Meze Platter. Enjoy your Turkish and Middle Eastern food at Alev Kabab Sultanate!

Compiled by: Nikita Gautam

Photo Credit: Ayush Maharjan

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