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23, Dec 2021 | nepaltraveller.com

Good food and good vibes at Tomodachi Restaurant

Tomodachi Restaurant, a gem of Japanese and authentic Sherpa dishes, is located in Dhumbarai. The place is a perfect blend of antique and traditional design, where one can enjoy their lunch and dinner with their friends and family. 



Once I was seated, I noticed the comfortable sofa and elegant Tibetan furniture. Though the restaurant has Japanese dishes, it is more popular for Sherpa cuisine. And their main dishes are Himalayan dishes like Aloo roti, Thendup, Syakpa and so on. 


Rikikur with Butter, Somar and Spring Onion Leaves Pickle

I was really excited to try their dishes. And the first dish they suggested to me was Rikikur (Potato Pancake). The dish includes a pancake made of potato with butter, somar (fermented serkam) and spring onion leaves (Scallions) pickle on the side. 



The way to eat Rikikur right is to put butter on the flat pancake first and then pour somar on it. While I am not a big fan of spicy food, if you like it then do not forget to add their spring onion leaves pickle. Taking a bite of Rikikur, with its blend of potato and butter, the ingredients complemented the pancake taste so well. 


Buff Gyuma (Tibetan blood sausage)

The second dish that came was Buff Gyuma, Tibetan blood sausage. It is made of ingredients like intestine, blood and rice. The taste of Gyuma was very new for me. It was crunchy because of the rice, and with every bite, it melted in the mouth.


Goat Lungs (Khasi ko fokso)

The last dish I had was Goat Lungs (Khasi ko fokso). Flour, egg and other ingredients did the dish justice. It not only added crunch but flavours too.  



With its good service, traditional vibe and delicious cuisine, the culinary experience at Tomodachi Restaurant is incomparable. With plenty more authentic Sherpa dishes on the menu, it is a must-visit place. 

Contact details:

Phone no: 9742507268

Location: Dhumbarai

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tomodachii.ktm/?utm_medium=copy_link

Text by: Aashika Shrestha 

Photo by: Ang Nuru Sherpa

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