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10, Dec 2018 | nepaltraveller.com

Where N Wear calls for a fun-filled and woke Saturday

From using natural plates made of salt leaves known as Tapari to using Reetha and Shikakai herbs as a shampoo to the natural Dhaka fibre; there are numerous instances, Nepal as a country has been practicing sustainability in its own. In the last few years with growing awareness about conscious choices, more organisations and small businesses are encouraged to take a more ethical route. Though it is still a long way to go, it’s never too soon to celebrate what has been accomplished so far. 

With this particular reason Where N Wear is hosting their first sustainable party in Kathmandu, 'Green Sherpa' on August 18. From discovering and promoting sustainable brand stories from around the world, the online platform flourishes on sustainability and its concept.

Sustainable living and ethical choices are at the heart of the event, Green Sherpa. It aims to inspire, inform and engage our visitors towards making more environmentally friendly decisions.

With Green Sherpa, Where N Wear attempts to discuss sustainability and also to make this important message fun and engaging.  While the meaning of sustainability is quite vast and embraces many facets, presenting it in a slightly different manner, offering first-hand experiences is sure to create a more impressionable impact that will lead to small changes in their daily lives.

Their first of its kind up cycling booth allows people to engage with the idea of reuse and up-cycling, while the DIY pot planter booth and swapping buddy are other interesting concepts to work with.

Inviting schools and artists to display their creative representations of sustainability, Green Sherpa strives to spread awareness, adapting to more eco-friendly options. Also, for the same, along with other captivating activities, they will be incorporating two key panel discussions featuring Bini Bajracharya from Sabah Nepal, Sajal Pradhan from Best Paani, Silsila Acharya and Ishani Shrestha.

The event is bringing together brands from across the country and making sustainability not only a way of living but a fun and exciting way of life. With wholesome food and drinks, followed by a musical ensemble the event promises to entertain as well as communicate the thought of conscious sustainable living.



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