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14, Dec 2018 | nepaltraveller.com

Hotel Shambala has quickly risen to the standards of others veteran hotels in Kathmandu.

The air at the top of the building is fresh and vicious sometimes. It blows my hair to the direction it is blowing and when I look down the buildings of the mighty Kathmandu looks like cardboard boxes left by a kid after playing with them. The swimming pool here looks like it has been cut up from a posh lifestyle magazine and stuck in the terrace with care. The water in it is clear and is often rustled by the wind. Occasionally smiling waiters come along to place drinks on the table for the people who take rest from a tiring swim in the pool. The look is serene and satisfied.


Hotel Shambala, meanwhile stands tall from all the jarring noises of the city. Inside its glistening hallways there is a pleasing silence and its rooms offer all the tranquillity one needs while still remaining within the reaches of the city. When we move down the squeaky marble staircases we realise the newness of the hotel established only in 2014. But it’s a wonder that such a fairly young hotel has already risen among the list of well known veteran hotels in Kathmandu. Why is it one seems to wonder, surely the infinity pool is one of the reasons in fact the first one of its type to contribute in its fame but it does not simply end here.

There’s a particular thing about boutique hotels although they are relatively small they nonetheless have a distinctive personality and leave a mark on one’s mind. Hotel Shambala gives off an authentic aura of Tibetan architecture right from the moment you step into its welcoming lobby which is adorned with beautiful artworks of Tibetan origin.  This aura leads us to its warm brownish orange coloured walls filled with bright paintings of Mandala in all shapes and colours.

The rooms are basic yet also fulfilling, artistic yet not confusing; it seemed to have considered all its guest’s preferences before even wishing it to be so. The executive rooms suitable for a budget traveller, come with all the facilities that might be available in a suite room. It is cosy yet also open and a huge glass window offers a stunning view of the city below. Wi-Fi, mini bar, flat TV, music player, air conditioner and a well quipped bathroom are just a few amenities that come with it.

Talking about the suite room one can only define them in a single word; they are simply luxurious. Named after iconic historic figure Bhrikuti who was married to Songtsan Gampo to form a lasting relationship between Nepal and Tibet, they are as luxurious and regal as the name that befits them. The Bhrikuti suite is made with a Newari taste tracing the Nepalese origin of Bhrikuti. It is evident in the hand crafted elaborate woodworks, the artistic wooden arch, the braided straw mats and the exquisite Mandala paintings that the room has captured the traces of Newari culture that Kathmandu is known for. Far from being medieval the room is modern in its inner core. Equipped with all modern amenities, the room also has a huge bathroom surrounded by mirrors that boasts of a bathtub with Jacuzzi. Other equally unique feature is its massive built in closet, again handcrafted with a Newari feature and a huge window that overlooks the city.


Quite opposite to that is the Songtsan suite decorated in a Tibetan taste. The room is adorned with paintings of Tibetan inscriptions and art pieces that date from a long time. As the Newari suite it is luxurious and regal, only a slight difference is in the bathtub that has been placed before a huge glass window that overlooks the city below. The definition of luxury has been made in the details as these. The suite rooms are big as could be expected but they are also equally homely and cosy.


Erma restaurant and bar situated at the ground level is an open place where different flavours of the world find a way into the plates. From serving your go to dishes to Tibetan Specials you can count on the restaurant it execute it perfectly. The hotel also has a spa where you detox the stresses of everyday life and even find remedy to your physical problems. Ayatana Spa has a lot to offer even the Shirodhara massage to battle tension and insomnia.

Although situated away from the bustling part of the city, Hotel Shamabala offers a tranquil stay to make your trip to Nepal even memorable. From its rooftop pool to its comfortable rooms you won’t regret your time at Hotel Shambala.     

Address: Bansbari, Kathmandu

Phone: +977 1 4650251 or 1 4650351



Shuvekshya Limbu is a Content Writer at Nepal Traveller. 


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