Meal fit for a king

The 'Epicurean Extravaganza', a regal meal awaits you at the Sunrise Restaurant in Hotel Yak & Yeti

11, Dec 2018 |

Continuing until August 4, make sure you experience an Indian meal like no other at Sunrise Restaurant, Hotel Yak & Yeti

The ongoing promotion ‘Epicurean Extravaganza’ at the Sunrise Restaurant in Hotel Yak & Yeti is a carefully curated menu of sumptuous Indian flavours. An amalgamation of dishes from Awadhi, Punjabi, Hyderabadi cuisine, this nine-course dinner is not your quintessential spicy Indian meal.

Subtle tastes with an aroma you cannot resist, excuse yourself from the typical curry portions and make your way into Sunrise Restaurant with an open mind. Browse through their set menu (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) and you’ll be delighted to see familiar dishes but with an intriguing twist.

Executive Chef, Sagar Singh Rawat and his team heartily welcome everyone to experience the vibrancy of Indian cuisine, all the while maintaining the authenticity of flavour. Make up your mind, an endless world of spices and aroma awaits you only until August 4 at Hotel Yak & Yeti.

Achari Papad Paneer

Starting your extravaganza with Achari Papad Paneer is a good idea. A cube of cottage cheese stuffed pickle and papad with a crusty exterior is hardly your regular affair. Enjoy every morsel of this starter with the tangy dip.

Nimodi Fish Tikka and Bhatti ka Murg

A slice of this freshwater cat-fish tikka instantly opens up your palate. Marinated in lemon zest and yoghurt, you are sure to crave for more.

The taste of the Punjabi Bhatti ka Murg is more so, closer to home and undeniably good. The smoky flavour from the charcoal grill can do wonders and Hotel Yak & Yeti has made its mark.

Kesari Murg Badam ka Shorba

A broth of tender chicken dumplings, cashews, almonds is yet another winner. Subtle yet vibrant enough to reinvigorate your taste buds for more to come.

Dahi Hara Salad

Beautifully presented on a plate, this salad will definitely catch your eye. Cucumber stuffed with tomatoes and onions have a way with this distinctive nine-course meal.

Nalli Nihari and Murg Sagwala

A popular Hyderabadi dish, Nalli Nihari looks as good as it tastes. This main course of tender Australian lamb chops slow-cooked and presented makes for a grand meal. Murg Sagwala as the name suggests is lathered in a thick, creamy sauce of chopped spinach. For guests preferring chicken, this is your gastronomic calling. The melt-in-the-mouth juicy bites with flavourful spices is a fine accompaniment for your Butter Naan and rich Dal Makhni.

Masala Chai Granite

A palate cleanser after a divine main course is a must and the Masala Chai Granite holds its ground. Quite curiously you’ll stumble for your dessert spoon and with one small helping, it’ll be clear as to where its name comes from. Flavours and characteristics of your beloved Masala Chai come into a form of ecstasy.

Nimbu Gosht Dum Biryani

There are more than 40 different varieties of biryanis in India and Hotel Yak & Yeti presents the Nimbu Gosht Dum Biryani, from the Awadhi cuisine. Light, delicate and fragrant the delicacy is infused with rose water, spices making it more unique and appetising.

Shahi Tukda

A wholeheartedly prepared meal such as this calls for a regal dessert. Lo and behold you have the elegantly plated Shahi Tukda. Rich bread pudding flavoured with cardamom, milk and garnished with saffron; it brings a truly spectacular evening to an end.


Text by: Rebecca Shrestha

Photos and video by: Shubham Parajuli

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