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11, Dec 2018 |

A hearty meal at a reasonable deal: with the quirky foodnommics


The stories have begun; the mouth-watering stories from eateries around the valley, from the finest restaurants to the coolest cafes, the best meals for an empty belly. And we chose to begin our brand new venture with the very first meal of the day, the breakfast. The most important meal, the meal that prepares you for the hustle and bustle of the day, this time at The Foyer in Jhamsikhel.

A modern restaurant with an interesting usage of Nepali culture, The Foyer opened up to a spacious stone floored hall, with a gorgeous stone ‘chaitya’ greeting us as we entered. The cool tin ceiling, decorated with beautiful paper lamps, provided enough funk to create an enjoyable evening environment when the homely ‘Steamer coffee shop’, and the rack of books gave the illusion of a cool café; clever enough to bring a smile to guests’ faces regardless of the time they visit. We, however, chose to sit upstairs, in the open on the balcony for the perfect lighting for the perfect pictures.

We were first served the Full English Breakfast; which consisted of Toast with jam and butter, sautéed sausages, bacon, grilled tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, hash brown mashed potatoes, cheese omelette and baked beans; each bite managing to keep my lips stretched from one ear to the other, as the delicate flavours— Salt, Pepper, and a kick of Oregano cooked with a hint of the pungent olive oil; perfectly mild and soothing— coated my tongue. The cheese omelette as the name suggested was cheesy, creamy and melt-in-the-mouth.

The second dish was the Crepe, stuffed with spinach and corn. Thinly chopped blanched spinach and corn gently cooked with olive oil, again salted, peppered and sprinkled with oregano. However, a dash of the tangy tomato sauce that came with it broke the monotony, giving enough kick to tickle one's taste buds.

The third dish was the Full American Breakfast consisting of sautéed vegetables; carrots, capsicum, beans; two on point sunny side ups, perfectly cooked whites and flowing liquid yolk; sautéed sausages and bacon, a healthy oat muffin, baked beans and of course toast with jam and butter. The staple flavourings being salt, pepper, oregano and olive oil.

The fourth and final item to be served was the healthy Banana Smoothie with chia seeds, supported solely by the natural sweetness of bananas and garnished with a lush green mint leaf, freshening up the mood and cleansing the palate, providing a full sense of satisfaction in the end.

Friday nights with live music provide a wonderful ambience to its guests, The Foyer, as fancy as it may sound is just as fancy with its ways hence a fully loaded belly of mine recommends the restaurant to all the readers.


Text by: Shubhanga Satyal

Photos and video by: Shubam Parajuli


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