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Soaltee Crowne Plaza Launches Uttar-Dakshin Food Festival

11, Dec 2018 |

On August 16, Soaltee Crowne Plaza launched its annual 'Uttar-Dakshin Food Festival' at the Kakori Restaurant, bringing authentic tastes of Northern and Southern India under a special menu

The festival is being held from August 16-27; two weeks of carefully selected dishes that bring out the traditional flavours of India.

The India Ambassador, His Excellency Manjeev Singh Puri, inducted the celebration with a ribbon cutting ceremony on August 16. The ambassador was all smiles as he congratulated the event organisers and supporters, praising the authentic decor and the celebratory ambience of Kakori.

The food festival offers an à la carte menu and beverages that resound with authentic Indian flavours. Almost every dish contains a certain variety of coconut melded with other various herbs and spices, ensuring a balance of flavours and maintaining the signature heat and masala originating from North/South India.

The Executive Chef, Yuba Raj, introduced a few signature dishes: Murgh Tikka (marinated, boneless chicken cooked in a tandoor), Jodhpur Wali Mirch (stuffed Chilli Pakoda with various fillings), Dindugal Kozhi Varuval (fried chicken, but with the distinct South-Indian flavours) et cetera.

Every gastronomic desire is fulfilled by the specialised course, where simple Rotis and Parathas (the dough is kneaded with milk, condensed butter and cooked in coconut oil for a greater flavour) are carefully prepared. 

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