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11, Dec 2018 | nepaltraveller.com

Here to take care of your cravings, look out for these new waffle joints in Kathmandu

From the birth of the pre-modern waffles in 15th century France and its evolution in 16th century Belgium, Nepal finally witnesses the emergence of waffles in its capital. A crispy exterior embracing the soft, fluffy batter, the waffle is a European staple and the Nepali community is warmly welcoming it. Cloaked by rich syrup, ice-cream or any finish of choice, waffles seem to be a godsend to any sweet-toothed enthusiast. Several waffle houses have seen the rising hunger in the capital, and have rushed to the rescue with their own distinct take on this breakfast/snack/dessert.

Waffle Love, Basantapur  

Nestled on the left of the entrance to Freak Street, Waffle Love brings a homely ambience completely separated from the chaotic hubbub outside. Extending from the vintage bricked walls, lights dangling from fibre ropes and the eye-catching barred wall with a flock of locks (marked by signatures), the entire shop feels like a piece of modernist art.

The modernism is reflected into their evolving menu as well, with the newest additions of Glitter Coffee and Croffles (croissant + waffles). To Nepal’s waffle scene, Waffle Love brings bubble waffle wrapped within a dainty cup, festooned with rich ice-cream, syrups, sprinkles and a chocolate wafer stick. Just be sure not to take too long with the pictures lest the waffle loses its crisp exterior, but this doesn’t pose much of an issue for anyone would be itching to dig into this eye candy.               

Only a few weeks in age, this waffle stop already boasts a steady stream of customers. Numerous locks on the barred wall attest for the amount of visitors it has seen. Often the co-founders can be seen around, making sure the customers leave satisfied.  If you ever find yourself near Basantapur Durbar Square, be sure to snag a handheld waffle to accompany you on your merry way.


The Belgian Waffle Co, Durbar Marg

The first of its franchise in Nepal, Belgian Waffle sits inside a small alley towards the left of the road leading to Narayanhiti Palace. Stemming from a chain of over 140 stores in over 30 cities globally, this waffle junction is turning heads in Nepal, despite still being in its early phases.

As you walk into the store, the honey theme, with small arrangements of black furniture, impresses upon you the feeling of bees and sweetness – a prelude to what sugary goodness is headed your way. Constantly upgrading their menu, they primarily serve their made-to-order waffles in a perfectly fitting cone that one can grab by a hand and indulge on. If the spectrum of red velvet, dark chocolate savoury waffles, ice-cream waffle sandwiches and so much more still does not line up to your preferences, then you can ‘Make your own waffle’ for only Rs 50 per topping. For those who want to avoid sugar altogether, Belgian Waffles also has options that have minimal sugar. 

Every waffle station has their flagship waffles, and Belgian Waffles have a galore of waff-wiches – waffle sandwiches;  their bestsellers include the triple-chocolate and the ice-cream loaded waff-wich.  From the most sugary, and creamy to the hot and savoury ones (even pizza waffle), Belgian Waffles has managed to make this perspective of waffles their own.


World of Waffles, LABIM Mall

Perhaps the oldest waffle-centred point in town, World of Waffles stands in LABIM Mall as well as City Centre. The kiosk in Labim Mall is a chocolatey looking box right next to the south entrance of LABIM Mall, and chocolate is just what they serve the best. Perched right across the back of the stall, the menu does not overwhelm anyone, rather giving clean, modest options for one to choose from.

Their waffles are a classic; circular and perfectly topped with fresh fruits, silky syrup and a dollop of soft ice-cream. This delicious delight is contained within a rustic card cut-out, and it gives the customer the much needed sweet satisfaction after perhaps a shop or a movie at LABIM.

Fan favourites revolve around the NBC and the Oreos ‘n Cream; the amalgamation of Nutella, Bananas and Caramel (NBC) is one of a kind, and the Oreos with the freshly whipped, sweet cream is another wonderful delight in itself. For any sweet cravings, World of Waffles will be sure to appease a sweet-tooth.


Text by: Sabir Khagi

Photos and video by: Shubam Parajuli

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