‘Italian Delight’ at Hotel Shangri-La

11, Dec 2018 | nepaltraveller.com

Make room for their undeniably authentic and fresh dishes

Italian cuisine has over time put itself on the global map. Regularly featured on dining tables in households, the Kathmandu populace has more than once found comfort falling back on pastas, pizzas and risottos. Hoping to satisfy your cravings for a good meal, Hotel Shangri-La brings to you their ‘Italian Delight’ for Rs 2500 nett per person.

Starting from September 15 and lasting until the end of this month, the extravaganza has been hosting enthusiasts at the Lost Horizon Café for lunch or dinner. The rich sauces, herbs, vegetable and meats make for a grand meal.

Coming from the expert culinary team at the hotel a sumptuous five-course meal awaits all guests. The carefully curated menu is an Italian delight none can deny. The authentic flavours of Italy remain intact while combining local ingredients and produce. At a press meet on September 14 the hotel beautifully hosted a bevy in their garden area, reiterating the authentic tastes and fresh goodness of the cuisine.

An easy option for family get-togethers, late lunches and an enjoyable dinner out with friends, you will not want to miss out on the scrumptious appetisers. A bite of their Cajun grilled Prawns served with lettuce and artichoke cream sauce and you’ll be craving for more. With an option of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes with basil pesto sauce, vegetarians won’t be disappointed.

An earthy, creamy Mushroom Truffle soup or a light aromatic Basil Gazpacho summer soup will certainly entice you on what’s more to come. Making room for more, the folded pizzas with different fillings and the Pizza Calzone Di Carne will remind you of how tomatoes are of utmost importance in the cuisine.

The main course is definitely something you should look forward to. Grilled Rainbow Trout beautifully presented on a plate, the burst of flavours influenced by Italian green pesto dressing is more like a hearty meal. Served with Fungi Ala Risotto, it is a well-balanced meal. Pollo Cacciatore and more vegetarian options such as Gnocchi Milanese or Ravioli Di Ricotta are on the menu to satiate your hunger.

Ending it on the right note, a sweet dessert follows. A traditional Tiramisu layered with mascarpone cheese, cream and coffee, it is one of the most popular. Among others Chocolate Panacota, the gelatine-based dessert becomes an irresistible treat.



Lost Horizon Café

Hotel Shangri-La

Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Contact: 01-4412999/ 4419743

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