Where to find… Your Friday Cocktail

16, Sep 2022 | nepaltraveller.com

On a rainy Friday, we’d suggest you go the Manhattan way.

Classy, sweet, bitter. A Manhattan at KC’s is the perfect poison to make you forget the September rain. Should it even be raining in September?

A cozy bar hidden above a bakery, one would easily consider KC’s more of a restaurant than a bar. But as you step into the second floor’s welcoming setting, the aroma of liquor fills the air and you feel a sense of belonging.

The Manhattan is a whiskey based cocktail that will never go out of style. It is subject to considerable variation and innovation, and is often a way for the best bartenders to show off their creativity, and the one served here at KC’s will not disappoint you in any way.

So, if you’re going straight to the bar after work to avoid getting caught in the rain, remember to make Manhattan the first drink you order. Trust us, your tab today will have multiple of these! 

Besides having a very chill atmosphere to enjoy your cocktail, KC’s also have a wide array of food options to pair with your drink that will make you want to stay until closing.

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