Delish Devours: A restaurant to Rave about

11, Dec 2018 |

Another eatery in Jhamsikhel to tickle your taste buds



 A modern yet cosy environment, Rave, located in Jhamsikhel, provides the perfect spot for a lunch or evening out with friends and family. Rave caught our eye immediately by its electric red neon sign against the warm brick wall, welcoming us into the newly opened restaurant. The two-storied restaurant offered a range of seating arrangements, all up to the customer’s choice, from proper sit-down tables to relaxing lounge sofas. We decided to plant ourselves downstairs on the comfortable sofas, feeling the breeze of the outside air through the open vents in the ceiling.

Accompanied by the bubbly and popular blogger, Abhishek (foods.nepal on Instagram), we were served six different dishes and three different drinks, a delight for our hungry stomachs and thirsty taste buds.

For starters, we ordered the Mushroom Choila and the Mustang Piro Aloo. The two delicious hors-d'oeuvres were served on minimalistic, modern plating, perfectly juxtaposing the rich origins of the Newari and Mustangi snacks. The Mushroom Choila offered a juicy crunch to the aromatic Newari spices, a delicious vegetarian option instead of the usual chicken choila. Sprinkled with chilli flakes, fried garlic, green onion and coriander, the Mustang Piro Aloo was a wonderful combination of western potato wedges with a Nepali take.

Next up, we were served the Volcano Prawn and the Chicken Tikka Salad. The Volcano Prawn, substantial in size, was served in a fancy martini glass. Glazed in a sweet and salty, mildly spicy red sauce, each bite taken of the prawns gave the perfect kick to our taste buds. The Chicken Tikka Salad was another creative dish, combining Western and South Asian food culture. The balance of the mild salad dressing and the intense chicken tikka flavour brought the entire dish together.

As an entree, we ordered the Kung Pao Chicken. Soaked in a thick, savoury gravy, the chicken itself was a little too salty but served with a side of white rice that equalised the taste. We were filled up just enough.

Just as we were finishing up our last few bites, satisfied with the entire meal, we were pleasantly surprised with one last dish: Rave’s popular and well known Chicken Satay.

Despite our satiated stomachs, we couldn’t pass this one up. A well-portioned plate of the tender and juicy Chicken Satay served with a mouth-watering dipping sauce concluded our outing at Rave.

All in all, our experience at Rave was only a positive one, with good service, a lovely ambience, and creative yet simple presentations of the delicious and reasonably priced food and drinks. We would definitely recommend Rave for your next lunch or dinner choice!

Text by Elisa Gurung

Photos and videos by Shibham Parajuli

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