Luscious and Delicious: The flavours of Rain Patan

Mexican delight enriched with exotic flavours at Rain is what keeps it coming for the next visit.

28, Jul 2022 |

Located amidst the bustling city of Jawalakhel, Rain Patan is your not-so-ordinary Mexican restaurant that offers enchanting flavours and a pleasant ambience that will make your visit worth a while.


From the enchanting rooftop view where you can enjoy your food to a cosy indoor ambience, Rain Patan has it all.  The moment you enter the restaurant, the open patio creates a relaxing, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere. Modest and sophisticated, the ambience defo gets a five-star rating. The food? Undoubtedly delicious! With a well-planned menu with something for everyone, we decided to taste Rain’s most popular dishes; by the end, we were in a food coma!  




We started with the appetiser, raised Pork Belly, served with creamy mashed potatoes, slices of juicy pork belly and soy glaze on top of it. The meat and sauce combination was second to none. We have had a fair share of pork bellies all over the Valley, but the best one served till now definitely has to be credited to this place. The loaded potato underneath the pork belly was flavorful and easily pulled apart. Eager to return here and have some more!




A good book compels you to read it all in one sitting. The exciting twists, intense cliffhangers, and characters you grow to love to keep you glued to the pages. Like any other best-seller, these chicken Tacos demand your attention with each crunchy, flavorful bite. However, the story does not end with a crispy, fried corn tortilla rolled with delectable Shredded Chicken. The grilled meat has a caramelised and charred exterior while remaining juicy on the inside. A lot is going on in terms of flavour, with a mix of sweet, spicy, and smoky flavours. Strangely, the chicken is reminiscent of teriyaki and is nicely complemented by the pickled onions and tomatoes.




A perfectly grilled piece of chicken with a tantalising aroma and a mouth-watering flavour is difficult to resist. The dish was a mixture of chicken leg marinated with herbs served with succotash and potato salad. Everything inside the plate was a work of art. The chicken was cooked to perfection with a slight hint of smokiness. It was well seasoned, and the pieces were well proportioned. The baked beans and potatoes served with this delicious chicken were also generously portioned, flavorful, and cooked to perfection.



If you think the food here is out-of-this-world, you’ll be out of words to describe their cocktails. The bar menu and the drinks' flavours are very distinctive. As with most things at Rain Patan, outstanding cocktails are a collaborative effort.

They have a wide variety of exotic drinks. Everything about the drinks is spot on, including the way the mixologists' creativity. The cocktails have amusing names, and the ingredients are unusual but surprisingly tasty. 

Our favourite drink was Genie, Not in the Bottle! (virgin). The drink was strong yet refreshing. It was a mix of Gin, homemade blackberry and blueberry Gomme, fresh lime juice, and glair. The sugar was balanced, the gin was fine, and the berries felt light but present. The mixologists (they do make magical concoctions) were bubbly and we could see they love and take pride and passion in their art. 


Another top cocktail at Rain is called This Guy. It is a bitter-sweet cocktail made with equal parts ChaCha, homemade beetroot puree mixed with sweet vanilla Gomme, lime juice and glair, stirred over ice and strained into a  glass with ice. The flavour is excellent, with a hint of lime and a sweet, almost caramel note. It's tangy, with a herbaceous flavour and well-integrated alcohol. 




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