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24, Apr 2022 |

The Terraces Resort & Spa makes sure to check all your boxes for a complete luxury experience

Surrounded by the mystical realm of forests, the Terraces Resort & Spa is a world of its own. A destination so close to the Kathmandu rush yet stands by itself quietly atop a hill. A contrast so distinct, you’ll have to visit to believe it. 

You pull up in the driveway, your senses loosen and a sudden cool breeze welcomes you. But what surprises you the most is the sound of nothingness, completely void of honking vehicles or busy neighborhoods. 

You’re greeted by the wonderful staff and ushered into the lobby where bright, natural light pours in. Contemporary design elements peek out from every corner – open spaces, muted neutrals, and a blend of interesting textures. These design principles follow suit throughout the property and in an apt manner take nothing away from the surreal views. 

Spread over 25 ropanis, the lush greens are teeming with life. What better way to stop and smell the roses! Let your mind take a backseat and enjoy the impressive views. The Terraces Resort & Spa is new on the market, however, this swanky property has already managed to be the talk of the town; much obliged to its massive scale, delectable food, state-of-the-art amenities, and sophisticated design elements. 

Your Stay

The Terraces Resort & Spa offers its guests their finest accommodations to pick from – 2 Suites, 16 Deluxe, and 28 Standard. Crafted with much ingenuity by Australian architect Tim Linkins and Italian interior designer Jurij Salluzzo, the property exudes a minimalist vibe. 

Uncluttered with clean lines and an earthy color palette, the Suite is as chic as can be. You enter the breathable living area that leads into the bedroom, where everything is subtle and sophisticated. Like a moth to a flame, you’re then drawn into the backlit headboard featuring the outline of a mountain range. Great attention to detail has been given and the bath area is certainly noteworthy. Double vanity, elegant and sunken bathtub, aesthetic floral presentation, and massive closet space bring together the instinctive design elements. 

Just when you think you couldn't wish for more, the north-facing terrace takes center stage. Outdoor lounging, dining, and your very own jacuzzi scream for attention, it is the perfect weekend that could extend indefinitely.

All their rooms are well-equipped with amenities to the best of your convenience and nothing beats the Terraces hospitality. The Deluxe and Standard accommodations are true to their design composition and set the bar pretty high with spacious terraces each.

Your Experience

Unlike any other deck, the Terraces Resort & Spa has done an impeccable job with its suave deck and pool area. Ample outdoor seating with the right vibe, a bar cum eatery at your whims and fancies, an inviting pool and jacuzzi – all overlooking the valley. A little bit of rest and relaxation, doing nothing but sipping on mojitos under the canopy or lounging in the sauna. With a grand panorama before you, one cannot imagine doing anything beyond lazing around.

Their restaurant is on an elevated plane and without a doubt allows you to feast your eyes on the magical view and palatable organic meals. A farm-to-table concept is imperative in the culinary world and at a location such as this, one must not miss out on being at one with nature. Fusion masterpieces curated from local produce and their own backyard; the property indulges guests in Nepali, Indian, Western, and even Mediterranean cuisines. 

On a hill like Lakhuri Bhanjyang, one has to look for inventive ways to put guests’ convenience above all. A helipad for jet setters is just one of those things. A large but tasteful hall with a partition is available for events, meetings, conferences, and the likes. 


While at Terraces make sure you visit the in-house spa, it can be a complete wellness retreat for folks interested. A sanctuary tucked away in a corner, even a session can help ease those knots. Along with this, they also have a quaint yoga deck looking over rolling hills, peaceful as can be. 

Also, a walk through the hills facing the property can be your very own refuge. The property has leased about 800 ropanis of uncharted Lakhuri Bhanjyang hills and curated a kiwi farm and rhododendron plantation along the pathways, an appreciable effort to let nature just breathe. 


Text by Rebecca Shrestha

Terraces Resort & Spa

City Office: Suryabinayak-7, Bhaktapur, Nepal


+977 9802322755


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