7 Things to do during lockdown at home

27, Mar 2020 | nepaltraveller.com

Here are some of the tips to utilize the time in the Coronavirus lockdown period

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is having its impact around the world. Government and health workers are trying their best to cure and confine the virus. There are basically two best ways to slow down the virus or to save as many lives as possible. One using the high tech instrument and saving people's lives and another more effective is a lockdown

Lockdown isn't like a curfew. In a lockdown, people are only allowed to go out of the house in case of an emergency and to buy essential goods. Many countries have enforced lockdown in their country and it is proving to be effective in controlling the spread of the virus. However, human beings are social animals and need human interaction. The virus has made it impossible. Luckily, the internet is here to save all of us from being lonely. The Internet has made human interaction possible and safe. But, there is a lot of time in our hands. The schools, universities, offices, airlines, hotels all are closed. The daily routine of many people has been broken down which can be a difficult thing for many. Rather than being scared and anxious, we should focus on positivity and try to use the time more productively. We have to stick together and make our life meaningful. Here are some of the things to do while being locked down at home.    

Clean or Organize the house

Now is the best time to clean the house or simply redecorate the house. Not only does cleaning the house protect against spreading the illness or diseases but it also makes the house more pleasant to live in. Tired of seeing the same old seating arrangement, bedroom, or living room. With a lockdown in full progress, this may be a good time to redecorate the old room by changing the curtains, moving the tables, chairs and sofas around the house. Try different combinations and have something new in your life. Along with these, declutter your storage, free up some space in your drawers and closets and get organized.

Learn to Cook


Cooking is an essential skill that everyone should know. Most of the hotels, restaurants, food trucks have been closed out during the lockdown. Now is the best time to learn how to cook simple food. Most of the ingredients are getting sold out. But, to make simple food like sandwiches, pancakes don't require many ingredients and it's easy too. 

Learning how to cook isn't rocket science. There are many famous youtube channels, apps that can help anyone to cook for free. Some are Sam the Cooking Guy, Everyday Food, Laura in the Kitchen, apps like Supercook Recipe, Tasty, Yummly, Epicurious and Instagram hashtag like #cookinginquarantine, they have recipes based on the ingredients that can be found in the house and help to cook food.

Skill up; Do an online course

Online Course

In this time of lockdown, try to build upon the skill that you always wanted to work on. There are thousands of courses and apps which can help you learn anything you want for free. If someone wants to learn music, there are apps like Simply Piano, Uberchord, Yousician, to learn a new language, apps such as Duolingo, Babbel. There are many online learning websites where anybody can learn from coding to marketing like Udemy, Coursera, Linkedin Learning, skillshare, youtube and some of them will not charge anything for the course. Skills don't have to be professional, you can learn how to juggle, origami, dance and even knitting. 

Many reputed universities are also offering free online courses. Stanford University’s online.stanford.edu and MIT’s openlearning.mit.edu are among the most popular. These courses can help you get out of the job you don't like or get a promotion at your job and also many HR are looking for people who are hardworking, willing to learn on their own and full of skills.

Binge-watch Movies/Shows

Watching TV

Now is the best time for watching the shows and movies, you have always wanted to watch but didn't have time. It's good to take a mental break from all the news about the pandemic. Switching off from the outside world news can be good for mental health. Make a list of the favorite movies and shows, check out IMDb top charts and just relax and enjoy the shows and documentaries. There are tons of streaming services with one month free trials, youtube, TV and many other websites where anyone can find movies and shows to binge-watch.

Play games

Playing Ludo

There are plenty of games to try and pass the time with friends and family. Thousands of mobile games are available in the apps stores and most of them are free. There are many games now where players can play with their friends online in real-time. It can be an excellent way to connect without physical contact. Also, there are many video games or computer games which can make anyone forget about being in lockdown. 

However, don't get caught up in all the virtual games. Take a break once in a while with real-life games like CarromBoard, Chess, Monopoly, Ludo, or whatever you have at your home. Enjoy all these games with the family.

Be a bookworm

Read a book that you have always been postponing. The lockdown is a great time to catch up on reading. There are a lot of choices to choose from. From mystery to self-development, find the genre, you like and choose a book and read through it.  There are many online articles and magazines to go through. Researcher has suggested that reading books can make people smarter and empathetic. Who knows, the secret to getting through these hard times may have been hiding in the bookshelf all along.  

Show yourself some love


It simply means do some exercise and practice mental health. Exercising now is really important. Being inside the house, you won't get enough workout which you used to get just by walking outside the house. Just a couple of minutes a day can make a lot of difference. Working out just for a month can have a huge impact. Your body metabolism will be good, feel more active and boost our immunity also. This can turn out to be a daily habit. If heavy exercise is not your thing, doing yoga or meditation can be best. There are many apps and youtube channels that can help to be in the best shape. Doing exercise need not be a solo endeavor involving kids, partners and other family members can join in too.


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