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14, Jan 2022 | nepaltraveller.com

Bricks Cafe, the perfect melting pot of age-old traditions and contemporary experiences

Located at the slight turn in the busy streets of Lalitpur, lies a café worthy of its name: Bricks Cafe. When you enter, you see the wooden carved sign of Bricks cafe and are immediately engulfed in its grandiose traditional architecture. This really sets the mood for guests walking in and once you enter, the tone is beautifully contrasted. You are greeted by a well-stocked modern bar and contemporary fusion dishes, giving you an exemplary experience. A gist of your visit to Bricks Cafe: a perfect mix of the urban and local experience.

The cafe, while it looks humble in the eyes of someone new, is very spacious with seating capacity of about 150 people. It gives off a sense of verticality and includes a spacious exterior with even a small stage for live performances, it really nails the minimalist ‘less is more’ vibe. Even in its decor, you can see the old complementing the new; the structure and its walls are literally made of bricks, as advertised, but the modern amenities, the staircase, the tables juxtapose flawlessly to give the ‘Bricks Cafe’ experience.

The appetizer to start off in this chilly weather is the Chicken Choila Momo. Its intense spicy toppings complement the mouth-watering deep-fried chicken splendidly. The crispy texture of the momo’s shell is contrasted with the soft and tender chicken inside to give it an all-round fantastic aftertaste. No wonder it is a staple dish for customers here. 

Now to mellow the spiciness, is the Tandoori Pizza, their signature. Deliciously cooked, the chicken in tandoori style topped with luscious mozzarella is a treat we all desire in these harsh winter days. And the thick cornicione (outer crust) at the end of every slice to give you temporary respite from all the hot and cheesy goodness. In conclusion, this pizza is perfect to share with and won’t disappoint.

Then to round it off with a touch of hot and cold dessert, is the Firewood Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream. The decadent brownie melting right before your very eyes and its ice cream topping is sure to have you captivated. They come together to form an impeccable dessert at just the right temperature. The cold ice cream seeping into the hot brownie and the two just melting can give anyone a sugar high. 

All in all, Bricks Cafe is a must visit for everyone. They even promote local buys and source their food, seasonal of course, through local sellers. From its traditional interiors to modern culinary concepts, the restaurant has an excellent chemistry with its traditional roots.

Text and Photos by: Samyak Dhar Tuladhar

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