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6, Dec 2018 |

It takes a special type of hospitality to create a lodge that enjoys its wilderness and endeavors in acknowledging the beauty of the giant elephants.

Tiger Tops has always been known as Nepal’s legendary pioneer in promoting responsible tourism. It became a must-see destination for adventurers who enjoyed the peaceful thrill of wilderness in the early sixties. Fast forward 50 years and Tiger Tops still is one of the perfect resorts to enjoy hospitality in the wilderness. It is a perfect place to unwind from the busyness of life to get into a total zen holiday mood. Relaxed and cozy with a distinct Tharu ambient Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge is ‘happiness at wilderness’ come true.


The letter in my room had made me euphoric just for its kind words. I was in awe with this traditional, rustic architecture that blended in effortlessly with the jungle the lodge was surrounded with. Echoes of birds chirping were muffled into a seamless backdrop. And the silence was heartwarming. You could actually spend a day just loving your peace with the breezing trees.

But there isn’t just one thing to mention on why this lodge should make it to your bucket list. Because the merits are just too long: the hospitality, the food, the comforting rooms, and the socialising bonfire in the evenings.

However, the best part about the resort is not the luxuries but jungle walks with the elephants. While most resorts surrounding the area take their guests for elephant safaris, Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge takes them for a jungle walk with the glorious humble elephants. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the lodge works on a different time- actually elephant time.

Activities include- morning walk with the elephants, making kuchhi (protein food for elephants), jungle walks with the elephant, sundown with elephants – yes! Elephants are a larger part of Tiger Tops Tharu lodge, but I assure you that the experience is truly enthralling and peaceful.


Boredom is unimaginable at Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge. This holiday season spend some downtime here because it takes a special type of hospitality to create a lodge that enjoys its wilderness and endeavors in acknowledging the beauty of the giant elephants.

Enjoy the rare service of undisturbed peace and solitude here in this nestled wilderness.

Stay: The Tharu lodge is for everyone: families, solo travellers, friends, adventurers. It enjoys a captivating wilderness retreat with luxuries that will keep giving you a reason to smile. The stay here will definitely make you inquisitive about the Tharu culture as it is one of the Nepali ethnicities Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge will take you closer too.

Hospitality: One of the perks of the lodge is its modest staff members who are ready to help you at all times. They will pamper you and will accompany you to make your experience at Tiger Tops even more worthwhile. They will cheer you up with their elephant diaries and will keep you entertained with legends especially, the manager aka naturalist D. B Chaudhary.

Activities: Tharu Lodge offers a range of outdoor wilderness activities. If your idea of enjoying holidays mean peace then you should board on a gentle boating safari down the Narayani river, do be on the lookout for the extraordinary wild like endangered gharial crocodiles. You could also take a day just to enjoy bird watching, climb up on the tall machhans to enjoy a serene wild view of the jungle with your binoculars. Or take an evening sunset stroll around the Tharu lodge wilderness. Enjoy discovering the Nepali Tharu culture in the surrounding villages on foot or bullock cart. And don’t forget to walk with the elephants because it is one the joyful journeys you will make in this wilderness.


Furthermore, you can also visit Tiger Tops Swiss Air Primary School where the local students will be more than happy to give you an enthusiastic spirit of Chitwan beyond the wilderness soaring dreams of achievements for Chitwan.

Food: The food probably is one of the pride of Tharu Lodge. The Tharu lunch in the noon is finger-licking delicious and for that reason a memorable flavor for the tourists to keep coming back. The continental food for dinner is equally appealing and delightful. You will be surprised to taste the authenticity of Lasagna at this lodge, amidst the beautiful wild. The organic produce is remarkable; you should definitely try the mango pickles and orange marmalades here. If you can, you should pack them for home.

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