Top 5 Destination for Rafting in Nepal

6, Mar 2020 |

Nepal is famous for the adventure sport of daredevils ‘Rafting’, these are some of the astounding rivers in Nepal for Rafting

Nepal is the home of the highest mountains and big glaciers. The monsoon, melting of snow and glaciers makes the river of Nepal paradise for rafting specifically white water rafting.  White water is formed by the rapid and unstable current which in turn forms froth water making it appear white. Rafting is considered as one of the best recreational outdoor activities where an inflatable raft is used and navigated down the fast-flowing river. Working together as a team is often a crucial part of rafting.

Nepal is the premier place for rafting with exhilarating white water rapids combined with the sceneric view of mountains. Following are some of the best location for rafting in Nepal:

Kali Gandaki 

Kali Gandaki

Kali Gandaki considered one of the holy rivers of Nepal, is a fun and challenging river for rafting. It is graded as class 3-4 difficulty. Kali Gandaki source originates from Nhubine Himal Glacier located in the Mustang district. Rafting at Kali Gandaki starts from Kusum which is just a 3 hours drive from Pokhara and ends at Mirmi Dam. It is a 3-day rafting experience and covers about 55km. The best time to do rafting is from October to May. The Kali Gandaki river passes through narrow gorges, beautiful waterfalls, jungles, villages and temples on the river banks. It also provides a breathtaking view of Annapurna Mountain Range.

Sun Koshi

Sun Koshi river is one of the longest rivers of Nepal and is also known as River of Gold. It originates from Tibet Autonomous Region and is a trans-boundary river. The toughness is graded as class 3-4. However, during the high water, the rapids can be big and dangerous making it a grade 5 category rafting experience. There are many starting points depending upon where you start and expedition company, it can take from 7 and 9 days. It provides a magnificent view for the adventure seekers. The best time for rafting in Sun Koshi is in the month of September to May. The trip starts with high mountains followed by forests, valleys, and remote valleys tucked between the hills

Trisuli River


Trisuli river is the most popular destination for rafting. It is about 3-4 hours drive from cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan making it the best destination for a quick getaway from the cities. Trisuli river originates from Tibet and sets foot in Nepal at Gyirong Town. It is a class 3 difficult river for rafting. The river is easy to navigate with occasional rapid portions providing the adrenaline rush that people wanted. However, in the monsoon season, the place attracts more experienced rafters, wanting to enjoy high intense rapids. This rafting trip is short for 1-2 days covering about 15-60 km

Seti River

Seti River

Seti river originates from the glaciers around the Api and Nampa Himal. Rafting at the Seti river is smooth and best for beginners. The starting point of this adventure is at Damauli, which is 5-6 hours drive from Kathmandu.  It is graded as class 2-3. Rafting at Seti covers about 35 km which generally ends at Gaighat. Beautiful jungle aisle and incredible river scenery are the main attractions. Summer is the best time for visiting Seti for rafting.

Karnali River

Karnali River

Rafting at the Karnali river requires some experience and time in hand. The rapid tides demand great deal of teamwork and quick paddling. Normally, the put-in point is at Dungeshwor or Karleghat depending upon the expedition company whereas take-out place being Chisapani. The trip duration can be from 7-8 days depending upon the rapids. A distance of 180km is covered during these 7-8 days. It is rated as grade 4-5 for rafting. Rafting at monsoon is not possible at Karnali.

Seti and Bhari rivers joins with the Karnali river making it the biggest river of the country. This big river provides high rapids through the narrow canyons along with easy float trips at lower land. Freshwater dolphins can also be seen in the river accompanied by gorgeous villages and forests throughout the trip. Chisapani which is the endpoint is also famous for fishing and fishes of Karnali are considered a delicacy.

Rafting is considered an extreme sport and World Rafting Championship is held every 2 years. Nepal is also actively taking part in the competition. However, with the necessary precaution and experienced guide, the risk gets down to very low. Cliff diving and swimming in calm places of the river are another exciting activity to do along with rafting. 


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