Fine Dining With Classic Chinese Touch  ‘Arniko Room’

4, Mar 2020 |

Arniko Room a contemporary Chinese restaurant at the magnificent Hotel Annapurna where authentic Chinese delicacies are served

Arniko Room a contemporary Chinese restaurant at the magnificent Hotel Annapurna, named after Arniko a marvelous Nepali artisan and architect in the court of Kublai Khan. Arniko Room has got that calm ancient aroma with fine touch of luxury. This fine dining restaurant at Hotel Annapurna serves authentic flavors of china. Due to diverse regions of china and historical power of the country Chinese cuisine has influenced many other cuisines in the whole world. With years of research and experience chefs have mastered the taste and have invented the dishes with their unique touch.

These are the dishes we tried during out visit at Arniko Room.

Crispy Spinach

Crispy Spinach

If you’re not that fond of vegetarian dishes ‘Crispy Spinach’ will surely change your mindset. High quality organic spinach fried with dry red chili, fine pieces of garlic, onion and topped with sesame seeds. The crispy spinach is garnished by a fresh spinach leaf and finely carved rose shaped tomato. The crispy and crunchy texture will amuse you; the crispy spinach doesn’t taste like other greens. As you chew down the crispy Spinach you will feel soothing buttery taste from spinach and sesame seeds.

Sliced lamb with black bean sauce

Sliced lamb with black bean sauce

Sliced lamb with black bean sauce is a classic Chinese dish, full of greens and protein this dish has it all. Fine pieces of fresh lamb cooked with thinly sliced brown onion, red capsicum, yellow capsicum, clove garlic, ginger, fresh green onion, soy sauce and black bean sauce. The strong flavor of lamb meat perfectly blends with all ingredients and unique taste flows through your taste buds in every bite. All the greens and lamb pieces are perfectly cooked so; there won’t be any problem to chew down a bite. This dish is garnished by finely carved tomato and green spinach. Sliced lamb with black bean sauce looks appealing and tastes even much better.

Corn And Capsicum fried rice

Corn And Capsicum Fried Rice

Corn and capsicum fried rice, a simple and appetizing dish made out staple crops. The sweet taste of corn, fresh butter and pepper gives utterly satisfying taste. This simple dish will be perfect with sliced lamb with black bean sauce. The buttery after taste of this dish is what I liked the most. Colorful capsicums and corn gives this dish appealing look. This dish will surely make your tongue and tummy happy.

Darsaan with ice cream

Darsaan with ice cream

Darsaan with ice cream is a typical traditional Chinese dessert. Deep fried flat noodles topped with luscious honey syrup and roasted sesame seeds served with vanilla ice cream. This unique dessert has both crispy and smooth texture. The fried flat noodles make it crunchy and vanilla ice cream gives it smooth texture. Honey syrup topped in fried noodles and vanilla ice cream gives this dessert different level of sweetness. This gives you the festive and joyful vibe.


The Arniko Room is a perfect place to try out Chinese cuisines with you friends and family. The warm welcoming staffs will surely give you elegant fine dining experience. The dishes listed above will be more delicious if you’ll try all at once. I had great time at Arniko Room and would recommend this place without any question.



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