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6, Dec 2018 | nepaltraveller.com

Kinjjala Spa guarantees holistic healing

There is no greater way to free oneself from stress than to engage in a relaxing massage, wherein the jarring stress of everyday dissolves into a sublime tranquillity. For someone like me that is the idea of having a break. This search ultimately led me to Kinjjala Spa situated in Jhamsikhel which seems to provide a perfect solution from the stresses of everyday life and more.

The entrance of the spa opens to a lush garden that faintly resembles a Japanese Zen garden. The stone path leading to the reception is highlighted by a tiny en route pond where bright orange fishes glide in the water. Almost instantly the noise of the city dies to a quiet hush, the jarring noises barely audible in the soft rustling of the fallen leaves.



As you reach the door to the reception area you are advised to slip into a sanitized pair of slippers – a good enough starting point that immediately makes my expectation of the spa higher. When I open the door to the entrance a pleasant aroma of lemongrass hits my senses. It’s amusing how people usually assume spas to be dark and dingy with a heady smell of aromas but here the expectation reaches quite beyond what I had imagined. The reception is very bright and airy, the walls are coloured in a pale yellow and when you look up the peaceful mint of the ceiling resembles a clear sky. The receptionist amiably welcomes me and offers me a warm glass of herbal tea.

When I ask Bhumika Shah (Managing Director of Kinjjala Spa) what makes Kinjjala different from other establishments, she passionately explains the attention and care they give to each of their customers. She states, “we consider it a huge responsibility to give hundred percent relaxation and rejuvenation to our customers.” With more than nine years experience, Kinjjala Spa offers services like Ayurvedic Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Beauty Treatments, Hot Stone Therapy and Acupuncture, it also offers signature treatments like Hair Massage Treatment with their organically made and tested products. There has been a significant growth in spa culture in Nepal due to increasing urbanisation – people seek new escapes and recreation nowadays, paving a way for wellness tourism in Nepal that appeals to both tourists and locals.



After a thorough scanning of the menu, I choose the Ayurvedic massage, a basic yet effective therapy for problems in the shoulders and back. Bhumika introduces me to Krishna my therapist who like, me speaks very little and occasionally smiles to show her friendliness. Like the other rooms, the massage room also has a very subdued decor with hardly any distracting element to otherwise disturb the harmony in one’s mind. If beauty is in simplicity, there an opulent charm in the overall decor and mood of the room.   



The massage session kicks off with a dip of my feet in warm water for about five minutes, after which Krishna professionally dries my feet with a towel. The remaining 60 seconds was pure pleasure and I’m immediately remorseful I did not opt for a 90-minute massage when she starts on my back. She gently focuses on my pressure points, unknotting my muscles while she gently inquires if the pressure I feel is comfortable for me. She gives special attention to my problem areas; my shoulders, massaging it in a circular motion and unknotting my tense areas. From massaging my toes to the fingers of my hands, she makes sure that my satisfaction is not sidelined. Slowly I can feel my muscles relaxing and unknotting with an almost audible crack.

Before I know it, the soft hands of Krishna and the lull of the instrumental music puts me at ease. My mind gets cleared of all the worries of deadlines and exams until the only sight I can see is the blue sky and even bluer ocean merging in my mind’s eye. My mind and soul is completely at ease.



The biggest misconception one can ever have about spas is that people just come here to ease their physical tiredness. In the quiet room of the spa, your mind suddenly becomes clear so does your soul in a seamless harmony. When Krishna ends the massage with a soft touch above the towels, that is enough to bring an unadulterated bliss with just a touch of her aura.

After all 60 minutes is never enough. My body is cleared of all my discomfort; my mind is clear as a blue sky and my soul light as a feather. A peaceful day at a spa is not just about physical pleasure but as Bhumika states a holistic relaxation of mind, body, and soul. With a recollected thought and perspective I descend the stairs towards the lobby where Bhumika awaits my reaction. I promise her that I will come back for yet another session and the next time for sure a 90 minute one.



For more information:

Kinjjala Spa:

Thado Dhunga, Jhamsikhel (Beside Sterling Apartment)

Contact number: +977-1-5532630, +977-1-5013630


Shuvekshya Limbu is a Content Writer at Nepal Traveller. 

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