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21, Aug 2019 | nepaltraveller.com

The excellent food and warm ambience of Le Sherpa makes it a serene place where one would want to spend their whole day

Are you looking for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of this ever-growing city? Are you searching for a tranquil and soothing place that’ll calm you from within? Are you searching for a place to spend some quality time with your family or a perfect date? Look no further, Le Sherpa’s got you covered!

The moment you walk into this cosy oasis you’re ultimately relaxed by its soft-on-the-eyes decor and welcoming staff. Spread across approximately one acre, Le Sherpa’s estate comprises of a variety of interesting shops supporting creative, local brands – from coffee and food to crafts. There is an intimate boutique bed & breakfast, The Museum with spacious and stylish rooms offering all amenities. This small heaven offers a platform for local artisans, supporting and sustaining struggling artists, craftsmen and local products.

One cannot simply explain in words the serenity of the Le Sherpa. The indoor dining area has high ceilings with wooden shelves overlooking a beautiful bamboo garden which composes its own poems when the wind blows. But if you prefer a more spacious seating and fresh air, just outside the bar, above the verdant lawn - Le Sherpa’s seating arrangement of ivory tables and wooden chairs with the shades drawn, you can enjoy your meal alfresco. Your slatted wooden skylight and open-air court summon a perfect date for a balmy summer's night.

Adopting a broader pan-European menu, the listings, though small, promises to live up to its almost unparalleled ambience. At Le Sherpa you can experience the culture of eating fresh and healthy. Their menus are seasonal and adjust according to the weather. They have established a new menu and philosophy around supporting local producers in a sustainable way to encourage the development of standardised and trusted produce in Nepal. They source the best ingredients available, sometimes grown in their own premises, and at other times from the local produce.

Chef Ram Hari Giri, who has been with Le Sherpa ever since its beginning, has brought the heat to the table with his years of expertise in Continental and Mediterranean cooking. Le Sherpa combines the elegant simplicity of European and Italian cuisine with the raw materials of its native land, Nepal. The result is a completely new approach – a range of delicious modern dishes with a twist of Nepali authenticity.

The first dish brought to us was the Cucumber Wrapped Asparagus. Quickly steamed asparagus keeps its bright green colour and crisp-tender texture, making it a good match for cucumber. The chef recommends this starter for a hot summer day as a go-to light summer roll that has subtle flavours. Tightly wrapped in thin slices of fresh organic and cool cucumber the minced button mushrooms blend in perfectly with the slow baked basil sun-dried tomato sauce.

Serving their signature Oven Grilled Trout Fillets, the culinary team aspires to intrigue. Rich in flavour with beautiful garnishing, this dish goes exceptionally well with a glass of white wine. Succulent fish with vegetables and mashed potatoes is your answer to a fine gourmet meal. The trout which is brought in every two days from Bhotechaur is only found in the clean flowing rivers of Nepal. Aromatic and served with parsley sauce, the oven grilled fish fillets serves as a great main course.

One of their best sellers and the chef’s personal recommendation is the Cold Vegetarian Lasagne. Their homemade lasagne dough, made with whole lot of love is something you won’t find in the common store bought lasagne. The summer dish has five fillings of eggplant, capsicum, zucchini, mozzarella, asparagus, tomato and basil paste. This Le Shepa exquisite dish has a unique taste of basil and mozzarella and has a chilling sensation, unusual of a lasagne yet very interesting.

The Morels Ravioli, a recipe as near to flawlessness as it can get. It’s a special treat every time you go into this restaurant because the ravioli is served with the morel mushrooms. This special mushroom is one of the most desired wild mushrooms in the world. They are not farmed like most grocery store mushrooms but are picked up by foragers from the high cliffs and jungles of Dolpa. Morels with their unique meaty texture and earthy and nutty flavour make even people who don't like mushrooms fall in love with them. Though being hard to find, expensive, exotic looking and usually reserved for fancy meals with fancy wine and meats, Morels don’t offend palates or overpower dishes, and yet they stand above and apart. The thyme, basil and rosemary paste which comes along with its cream sauce paired with morel makes this dish a one of a kind.

And finally the showstopper, the Blueberry Mousse. Super creamy and sweet with just a little tang this is a decadent alternative to chocolate or caramel! The base is made up of brownie crackers with the crust just solid enough to hold it together without taking away from the fruit’s flavour. It also adds a nice crunch to each bite and balances out the smooth texture of the mousse. These little cakes might be small, but they are immensely impressive, mainly due to the perfection contrast between the creamy mousse and the blueberry’s richness. You’d regret not trying this tantalising sweet delight!

Le Sherpa Restaurant

Address: Maharjgung, Kathmandu

Contact:  01-4428604


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