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15, Aug 2019 | nepaltraveller.com

Vivanta Kathmandu organises a ten-day Rajasthani Food festival from August 22 to August 31

Royalty and Rajasthan go hand in hand and where there is royalty there is a rich cuisine underlying it. Rajasthan too has its own rich culture with a cuisine made up of a variety of spices and many agricultural produces like barley, maize and groundnut. Vivanta Kathmandu aims to introduce this cuisine of ‘Rangilo Rajasthan’ in Nepal through a ten-day food festival from August 22 to August 31.

Although Rajasthani may seem like a cuisine which is predominantly vegetarian, Vivanta Kathmandu breaks this stereotype by offering non-vegetarian dishes too. Rajasthani dishes have been inspired by Rajputs too whose food comprised of game meat and dishes like ‘laal maas’ and ‘jungle maas’.

This cuisine is known for its rich variety and one single Rajasthani Thaali  can have up to 50 dishes! Vivanta Kathmandu too aims to continue this tradition by offering 33 different dishes every day! The dishes will range from starters, to main course to dessert and will have food items like Bikaneri Mirch Pakoda, Lasooni Chutney and Gutta Curry. All these dishes have their home in Rajasthan. ‘Daal Baati Churma’ is a Rajasthani specialty and a must try at this event! Most of these dishes have names never heard of but the taste is bound to leave you wanting more and will tantalise the tastebuds. In addition to this, alcohol too will be served for those with the specific pass. Jacob’s Creek’s red and white wine along with vodka are the drinks one can choose from.

“We wanted to bring in the taste of Rajasthan to mainstream Nepal. Many Marwadis live in Nepal and it is their rich delicacy that I wanted to offer to people of Nepal as well as other nationalities,” said Milind Kumbhare, Executive Chef at Vivanta Kathmandu and the theme planner of the food festival.

The chef did not want to compromise on the food taste at all and hence didn’t alter the spice level et cetera according to the tastes of the people. “I wanted to provide an authentic experience showcasing the true culture of Rajasthan,” he said.

The event starts at 6:30 PM and ends at 10: 30 PM everyday . For those who would want unlimited food and unlimited alcohol, the price is Rs 2000. For those who do not want the alcohol, the passes are priced at Rs 1700. Both the passes give access to vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

This food festival is bound to make us explore our taste buds with the unique dishes of Rajasthan. All foodies, head to Mynt Restaurant at Vivanta Kathmandu for a cultural and flavoursome experience!

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