Annual Hindu Festival Naag Panchami celebrated today, August 5

5, Aug 2019 |

Here are a few glimpses of Naag Panchami celebrated at Naag Pokhari

Hindus all over Nepal are celebrating Naag Panchami today. A tradition that has been carried on for generations, Naag Panchami is the celebration of the Snake god ‘Sheshnaag’ by Hindus. Every year, this festival is celebrated on the fifth day of the bright half of Lunar month of Shrawan, according to the Hindu Calendar.

Many myths surrounding this festival have travelled the lands of Nepal. The Puran (a genre of ancient Indian literature) states that Sheshnaag hoists the earth on its head. Lord Vishnu sleeps on its coil inside the ocean. It is also believed that without the help of the Naags, there would be no rainfall on earth. Thus, it is of immense importance to Hindus and is celebrated with fervour and joy.

On this day, pictures of Naag is stuck on the doorways of Hindu abodes with the belief that it will ward off evil spirits. Milk is the prime offering of the day. Many Hindus also visit temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Naag temples to pray.

Few men wearing demon masks are seen dancing outside on the streets, worshipping and hailing the great serpent king. Naag Panchami is observed annually for good health, prosperity and well-being.



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