A Piece of Spain in Boudha

31, Jul 2019 | nepaltraveller.com

Bringing the traditional tastes of Spain, La Casita De Boudhanath has built a food culture of its own

La Casita De Boudhanath, true to its name, is a restaurant designed ingeniously where its small space has been used to get the maximum out of it. As you walk in, you are greeted by vibrant orange coloured walls which create a pleasing visual contrast with the dark wood windows and cabinets. The view of the magnificent Boudhanath Temple binds you in a magical spell which makes the place seem bigger than it is.

The restaurant offers authentic Spanish Tapas style dishes that will satisfy your hunger as well as refresh your soul. With light wooden tables and chairs to lay back on and enjoy the view, settle in for a culinary adventure.

In the hot summer weather, normally you’d want to go for a cold drink first but you should try their Gazpacho Andaluz. A cold soup made of raw blended tomatoes, Italian pepper, white onions topped with diced cucumbers or micro lettuce. A classic Spanish dish you must not miss.

The cold soup is sure to build up your appetite, so dig into their hearty and healthy Salmon Salad. Served in a fish-shaped bowl, the salad is presented in a rustic style by letting the ingredients fall on to the bowl and letting their exciting natural colours make it look excellent. Slices of tomatoes, crushed black olives, chopped white onions, generous amounts of green lettuce and thick cuts of cured salmon topped with some pomegranate seeds and vinaigrette dressing.

Next get their Spanish Omelette or Tortilla de Patatas, also a traditional dish from the Spanish cuisine. This versatile dish can be served both cold and hot, as a main dish or appetiser. With two main ingredients: potatoes and eggs. The omelette is cooked to perfection bringing out the creamy taste of both potatoes and eggs.

One of their popular snacks or quick meal is Tacos. La Casita serves Tacos with three different fillings: Veg Tacos with Mexican bean fillings, chicken tacos and beef tacos. Made with fresh ingredients the tacos are a burst of flavours.

Another great option for your main course would be Paella, one of their signature Mediterranean dishes. Keeping in mind vegetarian customers, La Casita serves both vegetarian paella and chicken paella and if you’re feeling extra then go for their mix paella. The saffron infused rice mixed with the flavours of the meat and the vegetables is a big and perfect way to end your meal.

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