It’s Raining Kebabs

16, Jul 2019 |

Vivanta Kathmandu sets to tingle your taste buds with a ten-day Kebab festival from July 19 to July 28

With its origins tracing back to the middle-east, especially Turkey, Kebabs have become a favourite amongst all food connoisseurs. Tradition has it that the dish was invented by medieval soldiers who used their swords to grill meat over open-field fires. Over the course of time, this necessity of that time became of privilege of ours, today, Kebabs are enjoyed by all.

Keeping up with the popularity of these delectables, Vivanta Kathmandu is hosting a food promotion with the theme ‘Trail of Kebabs.’ It is a ten-day food festival starting from July 19 till July 28 where it will be raining Kebabs!

It is a known fact that traditionally, kebabs are made of meat; preferably mutton or lamb. However, Vivanta Kathmandu offers a whole range of palates of kebabs keeping in mind the needs of vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike; chicken lovers, fish lovers or lamb lovers.

The menu boasts of ten different kinds of kebab with a decent range of dishes for vegetarians too. How accommodating! From Afghani Seekh to Boti Kebab and Dahi Ke Kebab to Paneer Tikka, the menu is fresh and enriched with flavours of all kinds. What more, the event flyer goes with the tagline-kebabs, kebabs and ‘surprises’. Upon asking what the surprises would be, it was found that along with Kebabs there will be other food items too in the grand buffet ranging from Indian Bread to ‘Daal of the day’ to Salad and of course a wholesome dessert.  Alcohol too is served at the event keeping in mind the tastes of all! For beer lovers, kingfisher will be served. For the ones with a whiskey tongue, Gold Label by Johnnie Walker and Singleton will be served. There are options for Vodka lovers too. For those choosing the alcohol passes, the drinks will be unlimited.

“With many of our taste buds matching those of India’s, we decided to go with the theme Kebabs. It was inspired by Indian and Afghani Kebabs and was made especially keeping in mind the tastes of people of Kathmandu,” said Milind Kumbhare, the Head Chef and the master mind behind the theme.

Two passes including alcohol and without alcohol will be available for guests to enjoy. For those who would opt unlimited Kebabs and unlimited alcohol, the price is Rs 2000. For those who do not want the alcohol, the price of the passes is Rs 1500.

This food festival is sure to leave your taste buds tantalised with excitement and variety. If you are a food lover, do visit Mynt Restaurant at Vivanta Kathmandu for an unforgettable experience.


Vivanta Kathmandu

Mynt Restaurant

July 19 - July 28

6:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Contact: 01-5525002



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