Eric Valli — A man of Adventure

26, Jun 2019 |

Famed photographer and filmmaker, Eric Valli, Goodwill Ambassador of Visit Nepal Year 2020 shares a few words with Nepal Traveller

Honoured as the ‘VNY 2020 Goodwill Ambassador’ in an event organised by the VNY 2020 Committee on June 25, Eric Valli spoke at length about his experiences, upcoming projects and involvement in VNY 2020.

An esteemed adventurer, photographer and film director, Valli has spent a considerable time of his career working in inaccessible and remote locations of the world and is an Academy Award nominee for the Nepali film ‘Himalaya’(Caravan). The film was exclusively shot on the rough mountain terrains of Dolpa. The movie made in 1999, was critically acclaimed and won applauds from both tourists and Nepali film-goers due to its offbeat story arc.

His photo story Honey Hunters and film Yarsagumbu are some of his prominent works. In addition, he has published 14 books to date. Having exhibited in Singapore, Shangai, Milan, Paris and other major cities, Eric is an influencer, passionate about his current involvement with VNY 2020 

Eric Valli is currently promoting the potential of films in fostering tourism in Nepal. Keen and perceptive eyed, Valli talks about his adventures and his commitment to the VNY 2020 plans.


What draws you to Nepal again and again?

The adventure in terms of culture, humans and natural beauty. You have an incredible wealth of things in Nepal. The hospitality and humanity of the people, challenges of everyday life. For me, Nepal is a great land for adventure in general. People here are warm, open, nice, welcome, friendly and gentle. The people here and their lifestyle is what attracts me to Nepal.

A brief on your next projects and what's next on your bucket list?

I’m dreaming of my next film and a book. My life is full of dreams and projects, I’m trying to conjure up an interesting and challenging book and my main focus is Nepal for now. I’m also planning to make a feature film and a documentary.

Keep living the way I live. Keep exploring the world and myself and trying to see how much of myself I could give to the world and what I could learn. Try to be a better person and take each day at a time.

What are your thoughts about the plans of VNY 2020?

I think it’s a great concept to promote Nepal and there are still a lot of things to prepare. The plastic management issue is a big key thing and it’s very simple to solve. It’s just a question of education and awareness. We had the same problem in Europe in the 60s. Otherwise, Nepal is an amazing destination. To facilitate film making and enhance the tourism sector through this visual literacy form in Nepal is a great plan that we are currently encouraging. The fees taken in the national parks should go in developing the infrastructure and the development shouldn’t be centralised in Kathmandu.

What do you think about film festivals?

It is a great idea and has a big potential in Nepal. Films can be an accessible medium to boost tourism.

As the ‘Visit Nepal Year 2020 Goodwill Ambassador’, what are your goals for tourism promotion?

Going to Rome and other places where I will promote Nepal in July are some of the goals on my schedule.



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