Savour the Tangra Seasonings

24, Jun 2019 |

Let your taste buds dance to the flavours from Tangra, Kolkata and other diverse fusions of the Indian cuisine at Bawarchi

Located in the heart of Kathmandu, among the hustle and bustle of this ever-growing city lies a tranquil and soothing place, Bawarchi renowned for its history of rich Indian cookery. This 21-year-old restaurant is famous among generations of Nepali and International foodies. It is housed under the third cultural heritage site to have been converted into a commercial space, Baber Mahal Revisited which is an architectural and historical treasure, built in Victorian style. It is the only sit-down restaurant from the Bawarchi franchise and a hub for locals and expats.

The Baber Mahal Revisited complex is an amalgamation of Nepali architecture which has been redeveloped to house a warren of chic retail stores, designer galleries, handicraft shops and even a wine outlet, as well as a couple of high-end restaurants and bars. The architecture, mesmeric courtyards surrounding it, shrines, statues and shops give a distinctive feel to the ambience of the restaurant. The restaurant's walls are embellished with paintings and sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist deities while an eye-catching statue of Hanuman (Hindu monkey god) greets you upon entering the premise. The indoor and outdoor seating section of the restaurant is surrounded by shrubs, decorative plants that give an airy quality to the ambience. The restaurant is the perfect venue to have a chat and indulge in some mouth-watering delicacies accompanied by smooth and melodic jazz.

The main cuisine served here is the Indian, livening up the menu with flavours from Tangra you may also try their Nepali, Chinese, Continental and Pan-Asian dishes. First and foremost, start with their refreshments — Summer Splash, a rejuvenating juice made out of mango pulp and Red Melon Madness, subtly sweet and ultra-hydrating juice to cleanse your palate.

A trending dish among food enthusiasts is the Chicken Dum Biryani, saffron flavoured chicken curry cooked with long grain basmati rice in a sealed dish with the help of steam. Loaded with ghee and aromatic relishes from Tangra and sprinkled with coriander leaves accompanied by Raita, it is appetising and fulfilling.

Favoured by non-vegetarians, Murgh Angar Bedi consists of boneless chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt, red chilli paste mixture and Tangra seasonings. Cooked in the tandoor and then presented in a sizzling clay pot this dish urges you to keep coming back for more. Next is the Malai Paneer which comes in skewers with slices of onion and capsicum sandwiching the paneer that is coated with cream and cheese which melts as soon as it enters the mouth along with their special homemade hot sauce, mint sauce and mayonnaise sauce. The paneer when dipped with each of these sauces, gives a unique smack to your lips.

Another special you don’t want to miss is the Hara Bhara Kabab, this classic snack is where chana dal, spinach, green peas and paneer come together in the form of a patty. It is a salutary dish that has a crunchy outer layer but soft on the inside.

The culinary team at  Bawarchi comes up with a lot of fusion dishes while maintaining the authenticity of recipes and spices. From a light snack to the full dining experience, the restaurant can satiate all your gastronomical needs. Offering you numerous options from cuisines all around the world and a bar menu to indulge in, this is the place to be for a memorable and pleasant experience.

Photo: Prajay Kansakar

Text: Shubham K.C

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